Airport Lounge Review: SkyTeam Lounge, London Heathrow, Terminal 4.

When passing through London Heathrow after an overnight flight from JFK, we spent a few hours in the SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4 before our connecting flight to Malta via Air Malta.  We had a number of options through Priority Pass in selecting our London lounge, including a couple in Terminal 3 (where we landed), and multiple options in Terminal 4 (from where our Malta flight departed) – a branch of the Art & Lounge, a Plaza Premium Lounge, and the SkyTeam Lounge. We opted for the SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4 based on other online reviews, and we were not disappointed. The SkyTeam Lounge was a GREAT Priority Pass lounge! Side note – Heathrow is almost always a mess, so I always recommend lounging in your departure terminal rather than the arrival terminal and, more importantly, leaving LOTS of time between connections, especially coming from the US and then connecting elsewhere in Europe.


New Zealand Cider and views at the SkyTeam Lounge!

The SkyTeam Lounge is part of the SkyTeam alliance – i.e. Delta, AirFrance, Korean Air, etc. Despite being an alliance lounge, the SkyTeam Lounge admits members of Priority Pass, and a few other lounge access cards (such as Dragon Pass). The SkyTeam Lounge is located post-security in Terminal 4. The lounge was pretty easy to find, as Terminal 4 is way less hectic than Terminal 3. We entered on a Saturday morning around 8 AM, and the SkyTeam Lounge was practically empty!


The SkyTeam.

Our entrance to the SkyTeam Lounge was quite quick and we immediately proceeded into the lounge. The SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4 is spread across two floors, both with partial runway views. While it has two floors, both floors are arranged quite similarly. At the end of the lounge closest to the check-in desk, there are a number of sofa chairs arranged in sets so that your group can have a bit of privacy. There is also a small bar area at this end of the lounge, with self-catering coffee, water, soda, cider, beer, and wine.


SkyTeam Lounge Heathrow Terminal 4.


Buffet area.


Cool greenery in the lounge.



Moving into the lounge, away from the check-in desk, there is robust selection of magazines and newspapers from across the globe, a series of tables for eating or working, more arranged seating for groups, and finally a buffet area offering a selection of hot and cold foods.  The buffet area is abutted by another self-serve bar, this one with the addition of hard liquor. Behind this area is yet another seating area. With so much seating and two floors,, the SkyTeam Lounge can accommodate lots of passengers.


Hard liquor spread, plus some wine. A small selection of Bloody Mary fixings on the left side.



More drinks and a better selection of Bloody Mary options.

The entire lounge is decorated in a good orange and white theme, with green plants set up in several of the walls, making the lounge seem a lot less airport-y and much more open. In fact, in reminded me of some of the great lounges that we have visited in Asia!


Greenery in the lounge.


We were in the SkyTeam Lounge for breakfast, and I was quite impressed with the breakfast spread. A cold breakfast is set out on both floors 1 and 2 of the SkyTeam Lounge. However, a tasty hot breakfast was also set out on the second floor. On the buffet when we visited was British bacon, link sausage, pancakes, scrambled eggs, beans, tomatoes, cold meats and cheeses, a small salad bar, yogurt, a selection of pastries, toast, honey, jam, and a few other things that I cannot remember. This was definitely enough food to make a meal, and the quality was very good. Better than most Priority Pass lounges and many airport restaurants.


British bacon and sausage.


Eggs and delicious potatoes.


Tomatoes – how British.


Pancakes and bread.


Meat and cheese.


For the non-breakfast lovers.


Since it was 8 AM when we entered the lounge, we did not enjoy the beverages as much as we could have, haha. However, we did have some great espresso beverages from the lounge’s coffee machine, in addition to water and diet coke. And finally, close to 9 AM, we split two of the New Zealand ciders in the lounge – because they just seemed so interesting! They were very good and this would be a lovely lounge to visit on a later-in-the-day visit!


Berries & Cherries Cider!

Aside from these offerings, the SkyTeam Lounge offers lots of sodas, juices, and other mixers at the bar near the buffet, as well as a selection of hard liquor. There are also separate mini fridges of beer and cider near the buffet and at the opposite end of the lounge on each floor.


One of the beer fridges.

And, on the first floor, there is a whole bar area decorated with wine bottles that was not open when we visited. There was also a Heineken trolley that looked to be very fun! I imagine that it opens after the breakfast meal!


Bar area on Floor 1.


Heineken trolly!


In other amenities, the SkyTeam Lounge has lavatories on each floor, which allegedly have showers. I did not see the showers on my visit, nor did I ask. I did see a Clarins Spa on the first floor, but it did not seem to be open at 8:00.


Not open Clarins spa? They allegedly have some free treatments…

The SkyTeam Lounge offers good wifi, as well as a business areas with computers for use.


Work area.

The SkyTeam Lounge also offers lots of read material from around the world.


All the publications.

In sum, we really enjoyed our time here and thought that the food was excellent for a Priority Pass lounge. I would visit again, although its a tough choice between the SkyTeam Lounge and the No. 1 Lounge in Terminal 3!


SkyTeam Lounge Heathrow Terminal 4: Post-security in London Heathrow Terminal 4, opposite Gate 10. Open daily 5:00 – 22:00.  The SkyTeam Lounge for those flying SkyTeam airlines in upper classes. Priority Pass members receive complimentary access.

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