Airport Lounge Review: The D’nata Lounge in Terminal 1 of Singapore Changi International

Thanks to Priority Pass (which we have through the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the American Express Platinum, the Citi Prestige, and the Hilton Honors American Express – yeah, we are really deep into the credit card game…), Dan and I have access to a lot of airport lounges throughout the world. Given the cost and the quality of airport food and drink, we always try to take advantage of these lounges, as the food and drink are typically free and usually at least the same quality (if not better)! We were very excited to visit Southeast Asia on our honeymoon, as Southeast Asia is rumored to have some of the best airport lounges on the planet!

The D’nana Lounge in Singapore Changi’s Terminal 1, was the first (and actually last) lounge that we visited on our trip, and its a good one! Lots of space, unlimited free booze, and a solid selection of food that should tied you over for even the longest of flights!




This D’nata Lounge is located in Changi’s Terminal 1, post-immigration, but not security (security is at each gate). And I note “this D’nata Lounge,” as the Changi airport is home to another D’nata Lounge in Terminal 3, which we did not visit on this trip.  For those interested, D’nata is a Dubai company that supplies food and other products to airlines around the world, and we saw a lot of D’nata branded things at Changi. 

In any case, to get to the D’nata Lounge in Changi’s Terminal 1, do not blindly follow the signs for “lounges.” Most of the lounges are located opposite the D’nata Lounge.  Instead, upon completing immigration, take a right and proceed up the escalator to the second floor. When you reach the top of the escalator, turn around and and you will see the D’nata Lounge entrance! 


The entrance.

We checked in pretty quickly with our ticket and Priority Pass. The gentleman manning the checkin desk was particularly nice and told us that some of the food had just come out.



Main bar.

Upon entering the lounge, the centerpiece is a bar (above). To the right of the bar are lots and lots of comfortable chairs, most of which have outlets nearby. Space was not an issue for us (when we visited during lunch, there were very few people in the lounge). At the far end of the lounge is another self-serve bar. And, to the left, an outdoor space!! Yes, an outdoor space so that you can enjoy some sun before boarding a long flight. While I did not use this feature, it is a super nice touch!


A long, skinny lounge.


Another view. Quite relaxing.


The outdoor space!!!

Getting back to the layout, to the left of the bar is a long buffet offering lots and lots and lots of food, both hot and cold. As discussed below, its one of the best food selections that I have seen at an airport lounge. Just passed the buffet are a few more tables.  The restrooms and showers are located to the left of the end of the buffet.


A close up of the chairs.


Dan and I visited the D’nata Lounge around lunchtime and the lunchtime food selection was excellent. While we did visit during lunch, I do not think this is just a lunch time occurrence – we also stopped in this lounge on departure, and there was still a really good selection of food out at midnight!  On our lunch visit (and our midnight visit), an extensive buffet was set up just next to the bar, with both Western and local foods.

To start, there was a gorgeous salad bar with enough toppings and dressings to make a very decent salad. I particularly enjoyed the croutons.


A good look lounge salad bar – croutons are just off to the side!

There were also a number (seriously, multiple) hot dishes, including a chicken and rice Indian dish, fettuccini pasta, red bean dumplings, meat (chicken or pork in the cover photo – hard to tell) dim sum, roasted vegetables, rice, soup, and a few other treats sprinkled around! There is definitely enough food in the D’nata Lounge to make a pre-flight meal (unlike the Air France Lounge at JFK that I wrote about earlier this week – sorry Air France, I love everything else about you!).


Red Bean dumplings!






Fried rice. My favorite.




Pretty tasty Indian.


Packaged sandwiches.


Noodle cups.


Soup and those delicious croutons!


Green Tea Pudding.


Butter cake.


Vegetarian Samosas.


Like the food, D’nata’s drink selection was well above average. Just after you enter the lounge, on full display, is a large bar area with self-service hard liquor, soda fountain (although not as nice as the United Club Lounge in Newark, Terminal A) and coffee.  Just next to the bar are two large refrigerators holding beer, including the local and delicious Tiger Beer, and various sodas and juices. A smaller bar is located in the very back of the lounge with similar offerings. Unlike some other lounges in Southeast Asia (I’m looking at you Siem Reap), alcohol was unlimited and it was all self-serve, even at the “bar.”


Tiger beer & liquor.


Tiger Beer, Heineken, and Asahi.


In terms of other amenities, the wifi worked well and, as I mentioned, the outdoor space is a really nice touch! While it was a bit too hot for me to use when I was there (and I was totally sunburnt), the outdoor space would be a great place to catch some sun or get in a few steps before a long flight!

There were also some magazines scattered the lounge around and a few televisions showing news. The showers also appeared to be free and looked relatively clean.

I would note that if you are visiting the D’nata Lounge (or any airport lounge in Singapore for that matter), security is done at the gate. Meaning that you cannot take water or beer with you from the lounge and you will need to leave extra early to ensure you clear security in time


D’Nata Lounge Changi Terminal 1: Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1, post-immigration (again, security is not done until right before you board). Open 24 hours/day.  Allegedly a maximum of a 3 hour stay; however, I highly doubt this is enforced. Complimentary access to Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key, Dragon Pass, and Diners Club members – “as long as there is room.” Given the size of the lounge, I think members are rarely shut out. Unclear if day passes are sold.

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If you have Priority Pass, or membership to another lounge club card, entry is a no brainer. All food and drink are complimentary, as are the wifi and showers. Given the expense associated with Singapore, free food and drink will be a welcome change to budget travelers. While I am unclear if day passes are sold, if they are, weigh the cost of entry against how much food and beverage you can drink.


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