Airport Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Before visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia (the town from which you visit Angkor Wat!), I researched the airport and was super excited to learn that the tiny Siem Reap “international airport” was home to a Priority Pass lounge! I was even more excited to learn that it was rumored to be really nice, recently re-done, and among the best in Southeast Asia. We got to the airport early to use it! Side note – this ended up being a waste as our check-in for Malaysian Airlines did not open until about 2 hours before our flight and checkin was extremely slow… In any case, we still got to use the lounge, just not as early as we had expected! 


Grand entrance to Plaza Premium Lounge, Siem Reap.

The Plaza Premium Lounge is located past security in the tiny Siem Reap airport, to the right in the airport’s sole terminal as soon, as you pass through the duty free gift shop. Its located across from the other lounge in the airport, which I believe is run by Bangkok Airways and is not accessible to Priority Pass members. Despite checkin being slow, security and immigration were quite speedy. We were in the lounge in no time!


More grand entrances, this to the main lounge area!

We checked in to the Plaza Premium Lounge easily with our Priority Passes and boarding. And WOW, the Plaza Premium Lounge is nice!! The reviews were not wrong; the Plaza Premium Lounge is definitely the nicest Priority Pass lounge that we had ever visited! The lounge is centered around a large room with lots of space and really tall ceilings (see above), channeling Khmer architecture very well.


Outdoor space at the Plaza Premium Lounge, Siem Reap.

To the left of the main room is the food space, which was totally amazing (see below) and an outdoor space. To the right is more seating. A bar is located straight back and bathrooms and showers are located near the entrance. Truly, what more could one want in a free airport lounge?!


More outdoor space!


Lounge seating.


Where we set up!

The lounge is done in a purple and pink theme and it was so nice! In addition to being pretty, strong wifi is available throughout and there are plugs at almost every chair. It was also quite and we had no trouble finding a seat (we were there during the middle of the day though). We grabbed the above seats (it was too hot to sit outside) and hit the food buffet!

The food buffet offers a selection of hot and cold foods, and when we were there offered a fresh salad bar with fresh spring rolls (!!), a fancy creme brulee dessert, a variety of freshly made hot foods, rice, chicken, and vegetables, and a few other options. It appears to also offer a pasta bar and additional made to order hot food during busier hours.


Fresh spring rolls!


Creme brulee with exotic fruit!


Hot food – deep-fried potatoes, pineapple pizza, and fried spring rolls.


Chicken and rice.


More food.


Full view of the salad bar.


Lots of sauces!


Cold selection!

The bar is a main feature of the Plaza Premium Lounge, and its super nice looking. There was someone behind the bar the entire time we were there, offering a selection of liquor, wine, and the local draft Angkor beer, as well as tea and coffee. This was all very nice but, the Plaza Premium Lounge limits guests to 2 drinks a person. While not a huge deal, this was kind of annoying, especially for people looking to pass out on their next flight. This policy was enforced, but I did manage to sneak a 3rd drink…


The bar. 2 drink minimum.


Local Angkor beer! Surprisingly good.



In addition to the free wifi, quite, food, and drink there are some additional amenities available at an extra cost, including a “VIP Room,” a shower, and massage treatment.  Prices listed below as of February 2018.




Plaza Premium Lounge: Siem Reap International Airport, International Terminal, Post-Security. Priority Pass accepted for free admissions. Open 5 AM – 1 AM daily.  2 hour entrance passes $39 USD, 5 hours $55 USD. Massage services available for an extra fee.


I would not recommend paying for admission if you are on a budget. Siem Reap International has a number of restaurants, bars, and shops, and Siem Reap is generally cheap. Plus, as I mentioned, the Plaza Premium Lounge strictly limits guests to 2 drinks a person.

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  1. We really enjoyed this lounge too and were quite impressed with it compared to PP lounges we visited in Bali, Vietnam and Malaysia but I agree with you that it’s not the nicest.

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