My Stay In An Overwater Bungalow On Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Dan and I stayed at the Berjaya Langkawi for 5 days during our honeymoon earlier this year. We choose the Berjaya Langkawi (and really Langkawi Island) based on the Berjaya Langkawi’s beautiful (and somewhat affordable) overwater bungalows! Before visiting the Berjaya Langkawi, I researched what to expect but, aside from a very few posts, I couldn’t find much information on the Berjaya Langkawi or Langkawi in general. So, here is my post on all things Berjaya Langkawi!


The Berjaya Langkawi.


The Berjaya Langkawi is a branch of the Malaysian Berjaya hotel chain. The Berjaya Langkawi is located on the Northwestern coast of Langkawi Island, not too far from the airport (about 20 minutes by car). The resort is secluded and quite spread out, but very safe and with enough activities to keep a family busy for a week! The Berjaya Langkawi is definitely one of those places that has everything you could possibly need on site.


The Berjaya Langkawi.

We had pre-arranged an airport pick-up with the Berjaya Langkawi and while our driver was about 20 minutes late (in his defense, our flight was a bit delayed…), he was very professional and we were driven to the hotel in a luxury minivan. Upon arrival, we were dropped off in the resort Welcome Area, which is where all guests checkin and out, as well as them home of two restaurants and a gift shop. Our checkin was quick and easy and shortly after we arrived, we were waiting in line for the shuttle to our room. What, a shuttle to your room you may ask? Yes, as I mentioned, the Berjaya Langkawi is really spread out and shuttles run constantly between the Welcome Area and guest rooms, making stops along the way. I anticipated this being annoying, but the shuttles were easy to call by simply telephoning the front desk, and we only ended up using it to go and from the Welcome Area with our luggage. Note, given the size of the property, if you have any mobility issues, you will be heavily reliant on these free shuttles.


Map of the Beryaja Langkawi, from my fire escape plan…

One complaint – the Berjaya Langkawi seriously lacks maps of the resort! I had to take a picture of the fire exit in my room to get around on the first day… I guess if that is the only problem… But seriously, with such a spread out property, the Berjaya should provide maps to guests!


Dan & I stayed in room 1125 – a free standing bungalow over the Andaman Sea! We booked our overwater bungalow several months in advance via Citi Prestige (hello, 4th night free!). I was a bit nervous that we would end up with the wrong room or something, but we got the exact room that we booked – an overwater bungalow with an overwater hot tub! Great success!


Room with a serious view.

We were pretty excited, but also nervous that the bungalow would not live up to our expectations. Spoiler alert – we were wrong. We entered the bungalow from a walkway built on the water.


Walkway to the overwater bungalows.

Upon entering the bungalow, the entire building is done in wood and there is a small area with a closet and desk. On the other side of the desk is a comfortable king sized bed, a flat screen TV that pulls out of the well, a sofa in front of the bed wit a small coffee table, and that porch overlooking the Andaman Sea! The porch included a little table and was absolutely lovely!!


Porch and the Andaman Sea.


Room view.


Overwater bungalows.

The other half of the bungalow consisted of a large bathroom with a Jack & Jill sink, a rainforest shower and a very modern tub with another built in flat screen TV, and, the best part of the entire bungalow, the overwater hot tub!! We pretty much used the overwater hot tub every night! While you can probably see that the overwater bungalows are close, the bungalow offers a lot of options whereby you can close off you bungalow to avoid seeing your neighbors. Heres a video of the overwater bungalow:

In addition to the other fabulous amenities in the bungalow, the air conditioning worked very well, the TV had a number of English speaking channels, and the mini fridge (in the closet) was stocked with complimentary water. The Berjaya Langkawi also sent us the cutest fruit basked and Honeymoon Cake to celebrate our honeymoon!


Honeymoon fruit basket.


Honeymoon cake!

In addition to the overwater bungalows, the Berjaya Langkawi offers these awesome bungalows in the jungle. They are apparently set up the exact same as the overwater bungalows, and they looked pretty fun! I would not hesitate to stay in one of these properties if staying on a budget.


Jungle bungalows!


The Berjaya Langkawi is truly a resort, and its built with the idea that you never have to leave the property – kind of like a Mexico or Caribbean all-inclusive. We did enjoy the Berjaya Langkawi amenities, but we also left the property to see a bit more of Langkawi. In planning a trip, I would plan to spend at least 2 days at the Berjaya Langkawi to take advantage of the amenities! More if you really want to take it easy.


Berjaya Langkawi.

The Beach.  The Berjaya Langkawi beach is located in the same area of the resort as the Welcome Area and is decent sized. The Berjaya Langkawi sets up fancy bed-like lounge chair “cabannas” on the beach (no reservations required or permitted). There is also a beach volleyball net, as well as a stand offering jet ski rides, banana boat rides, and catamaran rentals for extra fees. You can swim in the water – its warm, green, and very nice and there is an area roped off just for swimmers.


Early morning beach shot.


Langkawi Beach.


More Langkawi beach.

Pool.  The Berjaya Langkawi has one large pool just below the Welcome Area and just above the beach. The pool is separated into two areas, with a shallow lounging pool in one part and a large swimming pool in the other. The pool is ringed with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Within the pool is a “waterfall cave” (more fun for children) and a sunken pool bar! And, if you are doing drinks at the pool, go beer or wine, as the mixed drinks are not very strong! 


Pool moves.

The Taaras Spa. The Berjaya Langkawi also has a spa at the verrrrry end of the property, past Pahn-Thai and all of the overwater bungalows. I almost visited Taaras Spa, but changed my mind at the last minute. Some of the prices are listed below.


Spa price list.

Nightlife and Bars.  Nightlife at the Berjaya Langkawi is rather lacking, and consists solely of the “Sports Bar” after about 9 PM. Seriously, no night life to see here – although the Sports Bar does have hookah. I recommend buying your own alcohol and drinking in your room. Alternatively, if you are looking to “go out,” take a car to Cenang; there is a lot of night life there.


Beach bar!!!

During the day however, there is a beach bar on the beach and the sunken pool bar in the pool. Happy hour runs from about 4 – 6, when drinks are 20% off.


More beach bar!!!

The Gym. There is a very small gym next to the gift shop in the Welcome Center. It certainly left something to be desired…

Shuttle to the Oriental VillageAs a nice amenity, the Berjaya Langkawi offers a complimentary shuttle (the same ones that go to your room) to the Oriental Village, which is a duty free shopping center down the road from the Berjaya Langkawi. The Oriental Village is home to a number of small duty free shops, the Langkawi Skycab and Skyway, and a number of restaurants. Its worth an afternoon, especially to do the Langkawi Skycab. We walked from the hotel in about 10 minutes.


The Oriental Village.


Langkawi Skybridge.


To feed all of its guests in a timely manner, the Berjaya Langkawi has four restaurants on site that actually do a pretty good job of feeding all guests in a tasty, efficient, and timely manner.


A tasty Western lunch at the Beach Brasserie.

Pahn-Thai.  Pahn-Thai is the gorgeous Thai restaurant in the middle of the overwater bungalows over the Andaman Sea. In short, the premier restaurant on the resort.  Pahn-Thai just a restaurant – no bar – and its limited seating books up fast! This is in part because Pahn-Thai takes reservations from people who are not staying at the Berjaya Langkawi (annoying for guests). I recommend emailing the Berjaya Langkawi in advance to make a reservation, or make a reservation via the front desk as soon as you arrive. The restaurant is designed so that all of the seats have good views! Also, Pahn Thai is only open for dinner.


Dan & I at Pahn-Thai at sunset.

In terms of food, Pahn Thai serves pretty tasty Thai food! I mean, you are terribly close to the Thai border. Pahn-Thai is by far the best restaurant at the Berjaya Langkawi; we ate here twice! The stuff did not rush as, and they also have a decent wine list.


Thai food on the Thai border!


Pahn Thai at sunset!



Beach Brasserie. The Beach Brasserie is a beach themed Western restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beach Brasserie was by far both Dan and my favorite restaurant for breakfast and mine for lunch lunch! In terms of breakfast, which is included with almost every room reservation, the Beach Brasserie sets up as a buffet with a number of Western items, including the most delicious hash browns!! In addition to hash browns, there is an omlette bar, eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, an espresso bar lots of fruit, etc., as well as a few local dishes. The Beach Brasserie also offers beautiful views of the beach!


Beach Brasserie.


Lunch with a view at the Beach Brasserie.


Menu, for price comparison.

The Oriental Pearl The Oriental Pearl is the Berjaya Langkawi’s restaurant focusing on Chinese food. Located in the basement of the Welcome Area, the restaurant is set up in a Chinese theme and has indoor and outdoor seating. We ate here our first night and, while the food was good, it was not my favorite meal of the trip!


Oriental Pearl.


Delicious garlic shrimp.


Rice! YUM!

The Daynang Cafe.  The Daynang is located in the Welcome Area (behind checkin) and is the only restaurant aside from the Beach Brasserie that serves breakfast. The Daynang Cafe offers several elaborate buffets serving Eastern and Western food, with a emphasis more on Eastern food. We had breakfast here our first morning and did not come back. The food was ok, but it was just too crowded with families and reminded me too much of an all inclusive.

Starbucks. There is a Starbucks cart next to the checking desk in the Welcome Area.

Gift Shop. The gift shop in the Welcome Area sells small snacks (chips, nuts, chocolate, etc.), as well as water, soda, and beer.


Berjaya Langkawi: Karung Berkunci 200, Burau Bay, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Our resort on Langkawi. We stayed in a Premier Chalet on Water. Reservations can be made on the linked website, and should be made far in advance for overwater bungalows (there are only so many!). I would also note that in booking a room, be sure to confirm what type of room you are in. There are a number of bungalows that are on the edge of the water, but not quite over the water. Make sure you know what you are getting. Also, the Berjaya Langkawi is very spread out; large scale golf carts drive patrons between the main house and the various bungalows. Note – the overwater bungalows are the furthest from the main property.

Oriental Village: Burau Bay, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah. Malaysia. Kitschy duty free shopping mall bear the Berjaya Langkawi. Not really worth your time aside from the Langawki Skybridge. The Oriental Village is generally open during the day, but stores begin to close in the early evening. Bring your passport for duty free shopping.

Langkawi Skybridge: Langkawi Skybridge and cable car in the Oriental Village. You can buy a number of different types of tickets for the skybridge and the cable car, including full glass cable cars (which we did, worth a bit extra). Tickets can be purchased in advance online, but that was not necessary when we visited.  Allow an hour and a half for the full tour.

Pahn Thai: Thai restaurant in a gorgeous location at the Berjaya Langkawi (see the front desk for transportation to the restaurant once on the resort). Reservations can be made via the linked website and should absolutely be made in advance, whether you are staying at the Berjaya Langkawi or not.



If you are on a shoestring budget, don’t stay at the Berjaya Langkawi. Book a room somewhere in Cenang. However, if you are just trying to not spend a fortune, book a jungle room instead of an overwater bungalow. In addition, each of the major restaurants offer 20% all food if you eat before 19h.  Similarly, if you have a Malindo Air ticket stub, you also get 20% off of all food. The bars also do early and late night happy hours, but the best deal to save on alcohol is to buy it at duty free and drink in your room. That’s what we did most nights.

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  1. Hello how did you know to choose that particular room. Wouldn’t one at the end be more private with only one neighbour ? Thanks for the help . I have booked but want to email through room requests

    • Hi Gerard! There are different categories of overwater bungalows. We booked a Premier Suite on Water, and the Premier Suites on Water (which have the open whirlpool in the pics) are only available in this middle area (or at least were only in this area when we visited). The bungalows further down did not have this feature, so that’s how we ended up with this particular room! I will say that while we had neighbors, the bungalow was very private and we could not see our neighbors unless we really looked for them, and then only if they were sitting on their balcony. The bungalows closer to Pahn-Thai restaurant are a bit more “over the water,” but most of them are still just as close to other bungalows as the ones we stayed in. The bungalows on the very end do have a bit more privacy with only 1 neighbor, but they are also further from the other resort amenities. I definitely recommend calling to confirm your room if you have a strong preference. And while you’re on the phone, be sure to book a waterside dinner dinner at Pahn Thai during sunset! Views are stunning and it books up because they take off-resort reservations. I hope that you enjoy your time as much as we did!

      • Hi, This looks amazing. Can I ask how you booked? I’m UK based and tend to use (also most popular when Googling) and it does not show overwater bungalows from what I have seen so far. Thank you

      • I also had issues booking through a third-party site. I tried using Chase’s travel portal and the overwater bungalows were not showing as available. I ended up calling the hotel and booking directly with the hotel. Good luck!

  2. Hello !

    Can you help me out on a small thing ?

    Is the hot water tub overlooking the sea private ? Meaning closed from both sides ? In your video it seemed like it was open, easily visible to neighbours !

    • 3 sides were private (or at least had blinds that you could pull down to make it private). The front was open to the sea, but no one was in the water in front of our bungalow.

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