Visiting the Langkawi Sky Cab and Cable Car in Malaysia.

Langkawi is a Malaysian island off the coast of Malaysia on the Malaysia-Thai border. As expected, Langkawi is very much a beach destination, but it does have a few tourist attractions, including the Langkawi Sky Cab and Cable Car!


Langkawi Cable Car in black & white.

The Langkawi Sky Cab and Cable car is located in the Northeastern part of Langkawi in a shopping complex called the Oriental Village. Its close to where we stayed on Langkiawi, the Berjaya Langkawi, and not too far from the Langkawi airport. Its about a 25 minute drive from Cenang Pantai.


Langkawi on a map.

As the name implies, the Langkawi Sky Cab and Cable Car is cable car that runs from the Oriental Village up to the top of the highest peak in Langkawi.


The steep first section.

To visit the Cable Car and Skycab, you can purchase tickets in the Oriental Village or in advance online, but I did not find an advance purchase necessary on my visit; there was no line. In buying your ticket, there are a number of options. The standard ticket is a ride up and back in a regular cable car with windows and room for 4 adults. The most upscale version is an all window (well not really all glass, but lots of viewing potential) cable car with space for 4 adults. We splurge on the all window cable car, but ended up taking a regular one back down as the window-cars only run once so often…


Glass bottom gondola.

The ride starts by entering a cable car at the base of the mountain – you simply step in. The ride up is quite steep and offers stunning views of Langkawi’s jungles. Bring a camera and some water. The cars are not airconditioned.


In the glass bottom gondola.

Once you arrive at what appears to be the top, exit the cable and there is a small viewing platform offering views of Langkawi.


Second stop on the gondola.

You then get into a second cable car again and ride to the highest peak. This is the end of the ride and you have to disembark. At the top of the mountain, there is a gift shop and a small snack shop selling water, soda, and some small snacks. I got a cheese cake on a stick, because, why not??


Cheesecake on a stick.

This is also your opportunity to visit the Skybridge, a bridge spanning between two mountain peaks offering great views! To reach the Skybridge, follow signs and walk down many, many stairs. The walk took about 15 minutes. Side note – there is supposed to be some sort of “ride” to the Skybridge but it was closed when we visited.


Top of Langkawi!!


Langkawi sky bridge!


The Berjaya from the top of Langkawi!

Once on the bridge, you can walk around at your leisure. There are a few spots with glass bottomed viewing potential.


Langakawi skybridge.


Glass bottom skybridge.



After you have taken all of the pictures, you board a car and go back down to the bottom, no getting out at the first peak here. As I mentioned before, we ended up taking a regular car down, as the fancy all-window cars only run every so often.

I would note that for best pictures, you should go early in the morning or late in the evening. We went mid-day and it was a bit too hazy to take good pictures. I would also note that while the cable car is very high, I felt safe the entire time (and I hate heights), although it did break down for at least four hours one day while we were there… Thank goodness I was not on the Cable Car at that time, because I probably would have died. Apparently, that is one of the only times it has ever broken down…be warned.


Don’t feed the monkeys!


Langkawi jungle!

All in all, I would plan to spend 2 hours at the Langkawi Sky Cab and Cable Car.  Aside from the Langkawi Sky Cab and Cable Car, the Oriental Village is home to touristy shops and a few small duty free stores (you have to have your passport to buy in the duty free shop). There are also a few restaurants. Almost everything in the Oriental Village closes in the early evening.


Langkawi SkyCab and Cable Car: Generally open daily, but off hours certain days…check this calendar for the most up to date hours. You can buy advance ticktets here, but probably not necessary. Glass bottom gondolas are $26 USD/ticket; regular tickets start at $14 USD/ticket.


Langkawi is an easy budget destination and the Sky Cab and Cable Car is one Langkawi’s true tourist attractions. As such, I think its worth the cost. The views from the top are outstanding!

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  1. Nice views! We feel as though we missed out when we were there in 2010, it was a lot less setup for tourists and J was out of commission for the few days due to mystery illness.

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