A Fun Spot in Isla Verde: Ocean Lab Brewing Company

When planning my trip to Isla Verde last Spring, an Instagrammer I followed lunched at Ocean Lab Brewing Company while staying at my Isla Verde hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde. It looked pretty good, so I added it to our list!


We ended up walking along the beach from the Courtyard Isla Verde to Ocean Lab Brewing around noon. The walk was easy and on the beach the entire way. When we arrived at Ocean Lab Brewing, finding the entrance was a bit confusing. Ocean Lab Brewing is attached to the back of the Vivo Beach Club, which is quite swanky! We ended up walking around the Vivo Beach Club and entering Ocean Lab from the side opposite the ocean – no big deal.

Vivo Beach Club from Ocean Lab.

Ocean Lab Brewing is located on the second floor of the beach club. The guest space is entirely open air with a bar and high top tables scattered throughout, very much like a traditional restaurant. Some parts of the brewery are covered providing shade, and others are entirely open air with no relief from the sun.

Ocean Lab Brewing entrance.  The seating area below (man with red shirt) is also part of the brewery and offers additional seating and tables.

Ocean Lab’s main bar and seating area.

We ordered food and beer. For beer, you can order by the glass or make your own sampler. Since I was not familiar with the brewery, I tried a sampler of four different beers. I got to pick the samples from the current menu, which I always prefer to the pre-set sampler. The beers were quite good!  Dan forwent the sampler and simply ordered one of the stouts; a bold move for such hot weather. He seemed to enjoy it. In addition to beer, Ocean Lab has a full bar, complete with all sorts of liquor. Michelle got a pineapple rum on the rocks!

Ocean Lab Brewing sampler!

Pineapple rum.

For food, we pursued the digital menu, which I would describe as bar food with a Puerto Rican flair. I settled on a Caribbean favorite, coconut shrimp! Well, the dish was actually called Surf and Turf Tacos and contained coconut shrimp, pulled pork in a mole sauce, and the makings for a soft taco. The coconut shrimp were excellent, as was the pork, and just what I was looking for. I also ordered fries to share at the table. This was entirely too much food for lunch – the entree portions are large! Luckily there were three of us to finish it off.

Surf and Turf Tacos.

Fries. For the table!

Dan and his sister ordered lighter fare, the Pig Latin Tacos, which were basically my pork tacos pre-made, and Yellowfin Tuna Timball. The tuna dish was fresh tuna topped with guava Thai sauce and wasabi mayo, served over avocado with malanga chips.

Pig Latin Tacos.

Yellowfin Tuna Timball.

We skipped dessert, but did stop by Ocean Lab Brewing’s fun gift shop, which is right next to the brewery. I was impressed with the inventory – lots of shirts, towels, cups, etc. Definitely a good place to purchase non-traditional Puerto Rico souvenirs.

Gift shop. “Born on the Beach.”


Ocean Lab Brewing Company: 7000 Carr. 187 RR2, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico. Open 11:00 – 10:00 PM, a bit later on the weekend.

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