Restaurant Review: Panzerotti at Luini, Milano, Italia

While Milan is not a super touristy city,  the area surrounding the Milan Duomo and the Galleria Vittorino Emanuale II will make anyone think otherwise.  This area is Milan tourist central and a great place to get pick pocketed, scammed, or just overcharged for food and drink.  Enter, Liuni Panzerotti, a tiny, local restaurant jammed into the center of touristy Milan (just a block away from the Duomo).  You should definitely plan to grab a snack here.


Me, Dan, and Aunt Di at the Doumo – tourist central! But also my favorite cathedral ever!

Luini’s speciality is a panzerotti, which is an Italian turnover originally from Central and Southern Italy. Luini’s serves both savory and sweet panzeroti to go only from its shop six days a week (closed on Sunday).  One should be sufficient for a meal, and more than enough to share as a snack.


Luini – getting ready to order.

There is no seating in Luini and often the lines spans around the block.  But do not worry, the line moves very quickly!  To ensure that it continues to move quickly, the menu is posted outside (in Italian and English) and you should be prepared to order when you reach the counter.


The delicious menu.

When I visited in November, I ordered the classic fried tomato and mozzarella panzrotti and a sweet pear and chocolate panzerotti. When on vacation, right?! I was actually so excited about the pear and chocolate variety that I forgot to take a picture…oops!


All the panzerotti.


Tomato & mozzarella. 


One more – so tasty!

I would say that I probably enjoyed the savory panzerotti better, but possibly only because the sweet panzerotti are not fried… In addition to panzerotti, Luini also serves a few other bread based products and very tiny t-shirts for only €6,00!


So many desserts.


Some more savory snacks.

In sum, definitely add Luini to your Milan food itinerary! Its inexpensive, good, and quck! For your other meals in Milan, however, I very much recommend leaving the Duomo area. There are excellent restaurants in Milan, just not in the Duomo area!


Luini: Via Santa Radegonda,16, 20121 Milano. T. +39 02 86461917. Open Monday 10 – 3, Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 8.  Closed Sunday.  No reservations and no seating area.  The line moves quickly.


Luini is certainly budget friendly, especially in the touristy Duomo area!

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