Restaurant Review: Pahn Thai, Langkawi, Malaysia

Pahn Thai is a Thai restaurant on the premises of the Berjaya Langkawi and while its part of a private resort, Pahn-Thai is one of Langkawi Island’s most popular restaurants! Some may think its weird that a Thai restaurant is one of a Malaysian island’s most famous restaurants, but that’s totally normal because Langkawi is located just off the Malaysia/Thailand border. As such, even if you do not visit Pahn Thai, you try to have Thai food in Langkawi!


Dinner on the water at Pahn Thai.

In any case, one of the reasons that Pahn Thai is so popular is its location – on stilts in the Andaman Sea amongst the Berjaya Langkawi’s overwater bungalows! All of the tables have views of the surrounding water, overwater bungalows, and the sunset. Accordingly, make a reservation for dinner as soon as possible – about 30 minutes before sunset is probably best!


Sunset – yes, it actually looked like that!

Moving on from the scenery, the food at Pahn Thai is also good, especially for food on Langkawi Island. The menu is large and entirely Thai, but the options are many and the wine list is extensive for Langkawi Island. We liked Pahn Thai so much that we went back for dinner twice!


Happy Dan at dinner at Pahn-Thai!

On our first night, we started with leaves filled with coconut, peanut, and a spicy sauce. While I cannot recall the name, these were absolutely delicious and one of my favorite dishes the entire trip. They were sweet with just enough spice to cut the sweet. The peanuts also gave it a savory edge. 


Spicy coconut and peanut bites.

On our second evening, we started with some sort of fried shrimp with a sweet sauce. These were also very tasty, but more run of the mill than our previous entree. In any case, they were very good and would be a good choice for a unadventurous eater.


Fried shrimp with a sweet Thai sauce.

For dinners, I really fell in love with real Asian fried rice (be it in Singapore, Malaysia, or the Thai style served at Pahn-Thai). The first night, Dan ordered calamari, I ordered garlic shrimp, and we split an order of fried rice. My shrimp were good and Dan’s calamari was tasty and diet friendly, but the real winner was the fried rice with the most delicious spicy sauce!


My favorite fried rice!




Garlic shrimp.

For our second dinner, I ordered the rice just for myself! We also ordered a chicken and noodle dish, which was good (much better than it looks in the below picture), but not nearly as good as the fried rice…


Chicken and noodles.

For dessert on both nights, we split a dish of bananas in warm coconut milk! So, so tasty!! Definitely recommended at Pahn Thai.


Bananas in warm coconut milk.


Pahn Thai: In the Berjaya Langkawi resort. Open daily 18h60 – 23h. Make a reservation in advance – Pahn-Thai takes reservations from both guests of the Berjaya and non guests. As such, Pahn-Thai books up in advance. If you do not have an advance reservation, book dinner as soon as you arrive at the Berjaya Langkawi. Reservations can be made by calling +60 (4) 959 1888 ext. 717 or the front desk, or my contacting the Berjaya Langkawi through this link. Smart casual attire, although its not strictly enforced. FYI – there is no stand alone bar at Pahn Thai – you have to eat dinner to have a drink and enjoy the view.


Pahn Thai is not much more expensive than any of the other restaurants at the Berjaya Langkawi. However, you can get 20% off your bill if you arrive (call to confirm the time) before a certain time or if you have a Malindo Air boarding pass! If you are really on a budget, stay and eat most of your meals in Cenang and splurge on Pahn Thai for a big night out!

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