Airport Lounge Review: Avianca Sala VIP, Bogota, Colombia

Avianca Sala VIP is Avianca’s (Colombia’s national airline) lounge in the domestic wing of Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport.  Priority Pass cardholders have complimentary access to the lounge, so I visited it in February 2016 while waiting for a morning flight to Cartagena.  While I generally enjoy lounges, even those that don’t get great reviews, I was very disappointed with this lounge, only stayed for about 10 minutes, choosing instead to sit in the general boarding area, and I did not eat a thing.  Big shocker.

While I did not enjoy the lounge, it was not all bad.  The lounge was very easy to find, which isn’t always the case, and check-in was quick and easy.  I presented my card, ID and boarding pass, and the front desk gave me a brief spiel on the lounge in English, including the wifi password.  Upon initial review, the lounge didn’t look to bad.  It is actually rather large with lots of seating with runway views.  The wifi was also pretty good, departing flights are clearly displayed and there are scattered iPads for your use.



However, that’s where the good ends.  The lounge was so crowded that I could barely find a place to sit.  I finally snagged a seat on a bar stool type chair.  Not ideal.  The below picture was taken after the rush left.


The food was also not great (to put it nicely), and when I visited, consisted of only two types of canapés, both of which looked tried and had flies, and some prepackaged crackers.  748

The drink selection was not much better.  There was a long line for the one coffee machine and alcohol is not served until 4.  Although they did have a Club Colombia keg, and a few refrigerators were well stocked with non-alcoholic beverages – but not water…. I am still not sure where you would find water in the lounge.



In addition, I could not seem to locate a restroom in the lounge.  Very odd.  In addition, there was seemingly no one to ask!

As you probably gathered, I would only recommend this lounge if you need free wifi.  El Dorado’s new domestic terminal actually has a number of shops and inexpensive food stands to waste away the time, including a Bogota Beer Company branch just down the terminal from the lounge.  While I could have just visited at a very busy time or an off day, I was simply unimpressed with this lounge.

Although I don’t recommend this lounge, I do recommend Bogotá!  Read about my time there here, here and here!



Avianca Sala VIP – Bogotá El Dorado International Airport, Domestic Wing, Airside. After passing through security, the lounge is just on your left.  Open 6:30 – 16:00 and 19:00 – 23:00 daily.  Complimentary for Avianca LifeMiles Silver, Gold and Diamond Elite members, Star Alliance Gold members, Priority Pass cardholders and First Class travelers.  A day pass can be purchased at Avianca ticket counters and/or the lounge itself for $25 USD.

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