Usaquen Market – A Shopper’s & Foodie’s Dream in Bogota!

One of my favorite days in Bogotá (and Colombia as a whole!) was the afternoon that I spent at the Usaquén street market a/k/a the Mercado de las Pulgas de Usaquén!  If you visit Bogotá and like to shop and eat, you absolutely must visit this market!

What Is the Usaquén Market?  The Usaquén Market is a street market and fair taking place every Sunday in the Usaquén neighborhood of Bogotá, Colombia.  Lot’s of vendors come out and sell quality handicrafts, as well as cheap trinkets. This is an excellent place to pick up Colombian souvenirs that are not touristy!

When Is The Usaquén Market?  The Usaquén Market takes place every Sunday from about 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (give or take a little).  The market is at its best in the afternoon!



Where Is The Usaquén Market?  The market takes place in the center of the Usaquén neighborhood.  Any cab driver will know where to take you, and it shows up in Uber.  We took Uber each way, but cabs are frequent in the area.  If you really need a “destination,” the market expands from the Parque de Usaquén, or the Usaquén Bogota Beer Company location!  However, make sure to visit beyond the park.  The best stalls are located down the streets leading off of the park.  Also, there is one “underground” area – entrance marked by women dressed in “traditional” (touristy) Colombian gear.  Take a peak, as there are some great finds down there!


What To Do At The Usaquen Market?  Shop and eat.  What could be better?!  The primary activity is shopping.  Unlike some other markets that I have visited, Usaquén has high quality goods and great deals!  We took $100 USD (in Colombian pesos) and went to an ATM to get more.

Some of my favorite purchases were:


These really cool trees handmade to order!


Handmade soap!


Handmade and painted decorative bowls!



What To Eat At The Usaquén Market?  Lots of street food!  From savory sausages to freshly squeezed fruit juices to sweet desserts, Usaquén certainly has enough street food to make a meal.  My favorites were the fruit pop in the cover picture and this table of home made desserts!  We tried the Oreo and blueberry cheesecake!  Delicious, but very different from U.S. cheesecake!




If you are not a fan of street food, there is a Bogota Beer Company location right on the main square with outdoor seating.  We stopped for a beer and empanada break here.  In addition to BBC, there are lots of other restaurants, bars and cafes surrounding the square.




Is The Usaquén Market Safe? I found the market to be very safe and well run – much more so than the Sunday San Telmo market in Buenos Aires (read about that here).  However, as in any crowded tourist area, I would be on alert for pickpockets.

Money At The Usaquén Market?  Everything in the market was reasonably priced, if not down right cheap.  Many vendors took credit card, but for small purchases (especially food) cash is certainly preferred, if not mandatory.  If you need cash, are a few ATM locations around the area, but none (that I could find) right in the market.  Note – you need Colombia pesos (not USD).


Usaquén Sunday Market – In and around the Parque de Usaquén.  Open Sundays from approximately 10:00 – 6:00.  Free entry.


If you are on a budget, the Usaquén market is a great find!  Entry is free and food is very inexpensive.  Most of the goods are also reasonably priced.

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