Airport Lounge Review: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, JFK (New York) Terminal 4

Dan and I have found ourselves in JFK’s Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse a few times over the last year. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse quickly became our favorite stop at JFK (when we can get in), so here is a post on the lounge at JFK (in follow up to my posts on the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses at Newark (New Jersey) and Johannesburg (South Africa)).  Located in JFK’s Terminal 4, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is found in the A Gate area, near Gates A4 and A5, on the second floor of the terminal. The entrance is manned with a little checkin desk, and staff really does not like to admit those seeking entry on a card (Capital One, AmEx Platinum, Priority Pass, etc. – the access cards varies frequently). We have found they are much more likely to get in if you are nice to them!  We’ve also asked when it may be open to card holders and if we can come back at that time with success. Once granted access, we simply presented my Capital One X Venture card and our boarding passes and we were in!

Walking into the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK.


The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK is laid out creatively, with lots of cool areas to relax and await your flight. The main part of the Clubhouse, at least as I see it, is a circular area enclosed by very cool light wood beams. Inside this area is the bar, with bar seating, various other 1970s-esque chairs and an operational pool table! This is my favorite space – a major throw back the the heydays of flying.

Looking into the bar area.

Pool table. It works, and I’ve seen people playing!

Around the “main area” is a decent amount of seating, some with tall-back, private chairs, others overlooking the runway. There is a “London Calling” area in the back, as most Virgin flights are heading to London out of JFK, and that could be very fun if you are en route to London.

Views overlooking international planes. Definitely some good plane spotting here.

Interior seating.

Additional fun seating.

You can see the London Calling sign in the very back. I also really love these seats, even if they are not the most convenient!

Another nice touch of the lounge is a substantial luggage storage area right when you enter. This is super convenient so you do not have to carry your bulky luggage through the lounge.

Luggage storage around a “big apple.” A little NYC touch.

Restrooms and showers are located in the rear of the lounge, down a crazy hall with colored lights; It’s wild. I haven’t used the showers, but they looked pretty decent when I popped my head inside.

Wild hallway going to the restrooms.

The NYC touch was cute.

There is a shower.

Shower products.


JFK’s Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is all table service – guests are seating and wait staff bring a physical food and drink menu and take your order. The menu is separated by breakfast and lunch, as well as drinks, which include alcoholic beverages and mocktails! The menus change seasonally, which keeps it interesting.

Dinner menu.

On our recent visits, we’ve tried a few dishes. All of them have been tasty, and you can order a portion of a plate. For example, just french fries. Guests can order as much as they want and as often as they want. I’ve found stuff to be pretty on top of it, and we usually tip in cash (amount varies depending on how much we order, etc.).

American burger and fries. You can also just order the fries.

The children’s chicken and fries. Highly recommend, LOL.

Kale caesar. This one was really good.

Pork bao buns. They had a similar dish at the Newark Clubhouse.


Drinks at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK are served via waitstaff and bar, and are pretty free flowing.  On offer are beer, cider, red, white and sparking line, cocktails and mocktails, as well as standard beverages such as sparkling water, soda, and coffee. We’ve found the cocktails to be really good and well prepared. I also think a multiple mocktail menu is a nice touch!

The drink menu at JFK Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

A classic G & T.

A cocktail, cannot recall the name.

In sum, we have very much enjoyed our visits to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK. I hope to use it in the future!


Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: Terminal 4, A Gates (near Gate A5), Second Floor. Open daily 05:00 to 08:00 and 15:00 to 22:30.  Run by Plaza Premium, access varies frequently. I have had the most luck with my Capital One credit card. The lounge does fill up and staff often block entry of Priority Pass/other credit card holders.

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