Airport Lounge Review: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Newark International Terminal B

Dan and I flew to Dublin in February 2022 with Aer Lingus. We were not expecting lounge access due to the terminal assigned (Newark’s sparse Terminal B), but Dan just happened to see a sign for the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse when walking to our gate. The sign seemed to indicate that the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse was open and we could enter with our American Express Centurion Card. We decided to give it a shot. When we arrived at about 3:25, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse looked totally closed, but we knocked and they opened the door, stating that they formally open in 5 minutes. So we waited the couple minutes and went inside!

Kind of a vague sign.

Upon further discussion with the staff, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse only reopened a few days prior to our visit after being closed for nearly 2 years due to Covid. We also learned that the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is now operated by the Plaza Premium Group. We did not visit this lounge pre-Covid, so I cannot compared it to its pre-2020 state. We really enjoyed it this time though!


The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is located in Newark’s Terminal B. Terminal B is split into 3 areas, each with its own security, and the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is located in the B2 area, near Gates B51 – B57. After clearing security, all passengers walk down a pretty depressing hall toward the gates. Entrance to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is at the beginning of this hall via an elevator. Had there not been a sign, we would have totally missed it. We took the elevator to the second level and there it was, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse! Its right next to the British Airways Lounge.

Entrance. Dan was very excited to locate this lounge!

Once the doors officially open at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at 3:30, we checked in with our boarding pass and American Express Centurion card. While we both have the card, we used Dan’s and I got in as his guest. It was unclear how many guests are allowed per card. This lounge used to be on Priority Pass, but that is no longer the case. Dragon Pass appears to still work.


The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is laid out around a central bar, which I understand at certain times offers a small grab and go buffet. Around this bar some really cool seating options are spread out, from a sofa, to dining tables and chairs, to seating areas built into the wall. There is a lot of space for parties to have a bit of privacy. As expected, the interior design was done in what I would describe as a chic Virgin 70s style, with lots of pink and purple. I loved it! Here are some pictures, as it’s a bit difficult to describe.

View of the central bar from our seats.

Another seating area.

More space.

Another view. That green couch looked really cool.

Another area.

Cute dining room.

We were the only 2 people in the lounge for the majority of our stay, so there were no space issues and we had our choice of seating options. That being said, I could see the lounge getting crowded during more popular flying times. Since we had our choice of seating, we opted for this cool fuschia pink built in!

Our area.

There are also restrooms in-lounge. They were clean, but a bit small.


As soon as we sat down, a staff member, Gladine (who was lovely), came over and presented us with warm towels and paper menus for food and drink. These menus are also available via QR code if guests prefer. Gladine advised us that the kitchen didn’t open until 4:30 or 5:00, but that she would see what they could do since we needed to leave for our flight shortly after the kitchen opened.

A warm towel and a paper menu! Very exciting after 2 years of hardly any lounges.

Gladine returned quickly and said that the kitchen could prepare our food. We both ordered the Arancini and the Pork Bao Bun. Dan also ordered a cheese plate for dessert. All dishes were good and served hot, and I was impressed with the food presentation, especially for a lounge just reopening. Had we visited a bit later, I would loved to have dined in the cute dining area and experienced a real “dinner service.”


Pork bao bun.

Dan’s cheese plate.

Gladine also advised us that a bit later a small grab and go buffet is set up on the back side of the bar. It did not get set up while we were there, but from what i saw, it appeared to have space for things like fruit and pre-packaged food.


Drinks were also served by Gladine and the menu was on the back of the food menu. We each had some French Champagne and I also had a glass of the Trapiche Malbec. Drinks were unlimited and Gladine was quite good about refilling our glasses. In addition to the menu, the bar offers a full bar, including spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

Wine and beer list.

Trapiche Malbec.

Dan’s cheese plate and Champagne.

In sum, we very much enjoyed our surprise visit to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. I hope to use it in the future!


Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: Terminal B, B2 Satellite (near Gate B51). Open 3:30 – 11:30 PM.

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