Airport Lounge Review: Crown Lounge, Amman International Airport

On our departure from Amman, Jordan, Dan and I had two airport lounge options though our Priority Pass: Royal Jordanian’s Crown Lounge or the unaffiliated Petra Lounge. After googling some other reviews, we started with the Crown Lounge and it was so nice that we never left to check out the Petra Lounge! The Crown Lounge was quite luxurious – definitely an upgrade from many Priority Pass lounges!

Luxurious sofas welcome guests.


The Crown Lounge is located in the international departure area of the Amman Lounge, past security and Immigration. Its located on the fourth level, abovethe main international hub, with all of the shops and restaurants. Looking up from the main level, you can see the lounge and vice versa; its open air. The elevator entrance is located straight ahead once you pass the Aldeasa Duty Free Shop. Entrance was easy – we showed our Priority Pass card and ticket and we were in!

Entry area of the Crown Lounge.


On arrival, guests have two options: a “Bar & Bistro” to one side and “Pizzeria and Cafe” to the other. This was a very tough choice for me! We opted for the Bar & Bistro, but, spoiler alert, guests can free move between the two sides, brining drinks and food from each back and forth.

Choices, choices…

For the Bar & Bistro side of the Crown Lounge, many tables and comfy chairs are arranged around a Western and Middle Eastern buffet, with each dish was individually packaged (due to COVID). Guests help themselves to whatever. The food was decent and there was enough to make a meal. There is also a proper sit down bar, which looked so fun! We opted for a table and grabbed drinks and food as needed.

Overlooking the main area of the international terminal.

Seating area in the Bar and Bistro.

Cool bar.

Bistro area.

The other side of the lounge, the Pizzeria and Cafe side, is home to a similar set up tables and comfy chairs, plus a coffee bar and a pizza bar! This side of the lounge seemed less business-centric and was a bit less crowded on our visit.

Heavy tables in the Pizzeria and Cafe.


Some plane spotting in the cafe area.


As mentioned, the Bistro and Bar side is home to a large buffet featuring both Western and Middle Eastern fare. We only tried the Middle Eastern fare, but the plates were good. The Western fare consisted largely of salads and pasta dishes. The food was frequently replenished on our visit.

Green salads with pomegranate.

Crab salad. A fan favorite when we visited.

Hummus and cheese.

Some of the pasta selections for reference.

Some hot Middle Eastern selections for reference.


In the Pizzeria, which is a small little closet that was not manned on our visit, pizza and zatar was placed out by staff. The pizza was only “ok” (not surprising), but it was not replaced during our entire visit… That was a little annoying. The pizzeria also offered “zaatar”, which is a Jordanian pizza type dish of bread with lots of spices, hot cookies, and a bowl of fruit.


Pizza and zaatar.

Cookie was much, much better than it looks!

Just next to the pizzeria was a fun surprise, a soft serve machine! I skipped the soft serve, but lots of people were using it. This was definitely a fun feature.

Soft serve bar.

The cafe served lots of fancy coffees and teas and even had a menu posted like a real shop! Dan and I ordered cappuccinos and proceeded to add Baileys to them from the bar. A grand idea.

Coffee menu.

Cute cappuccino.


Over at the Bar & Bistro, there is a proper bar that really made me miss just going to an indoor bar and drinking! The bar offered a full suite of drinks, from upscale bottled water, to soft drinks, to sparking wine, to Jordanian wine, to all sorts of liquors. Guests can order and take to their table, including over to the Pizzeria and Cafe side of the lounge.

Dan with the sparkling wine.

Perrier and a Jordanian River cab.

Jordanian River wines. The branded wine glasses were a nice touch.


Unfortunately, we did not explore much more of the Crown Lounge. WCs are on site, as well as showers (advertised at least). Boards are located in the lounge displaying flight information and the wifi was good. Another bonus of the lounge is the ability to watch the main thoroughfare of the airport, which is good people watching. You can also hear announcements, since its open air.

Nothing better than blue sky plane views.


Crown Lounge: Post-security and Immigration, past the Aldeasa Duty Free Shop on Level 4. International flights only. Run by Royal Jordanian. Priority Pass members enjoy complimentary access.

Petra Lounge: The other Priority Pass lounge in the Amman Airport. Post-security and Immigration, opposite Gate 208. Open to international flights only. Open 24 hours.

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