Airport Lounge Review: The Emirates Lounge @ JFK T4

After a somewhat disappointing visit to the new American Express Centurion Lounge at JFK two weeks ago, Dan and I made our way to JFK’s Emirates Lounge for a proper breakfast and drinks before departing on Emirates’ morning flight to Dubai.  Spoiler alert, the Emirates Lounge was great and service was fantastic. We both prefer this lounge to the new American Express Centurion Lounge.


Emirates’ JFK Lounge is located in JFK Terminal 4, post-security down Concourse A. The Emirates Lounge is on the second floor, very close to Gate A5. We received access to the lounge because (1) we were flying Emirates; and (2) Dan has Gold Status with Emirates thanks to Dan’s Emirates Barclays credit card. Check-in was quick and easy, basically Dan presenting his boarding card and advising that I am his guest. FYI – Gold Status holders can bring in 1 guest.


From entry, the Emirates Lounge at JFK opens up into a very large square, with lots of seating throughout the lounge, from comfy chairs to tables with chairs. While the seating landscape was a bit tired (see below pictures), three sides of the lounge are windows so patrons have good views of the runway and international planes. Many seats were blocked off on our visit due to COVID protocols, but this should change soon and there was plenty of space even with the blocked off seating.

Instead of sitting in the main seating area, we set up in the kitchen area, which has a number of tables for patron use. It seems that there is usually a buffet in this area open to patrons, but on our visit (probably due to COVID), the buffet was closed to visitors and staff provided whatever we wanted. And the staff, they were awesome, continuously checking on us and brining us literally anything we wanted.


For our breakfast visit, Emirates offered a grab-and-go buffet and a menu with hot meal service. which I’ve pasted below. We both ordered the scrambled eggs dish, which turned out to be quite large and piping hot. Definitely no need for anything else! While the buffet was closed to “grab-and-go” service, we could see what was on offer, which consisted of the standard breakfast breads, cereals, fruit, etc., which is also displayed on the menu. Lounge patrons could have anything desired by advising the staff. Our food and drinks (see below) arrived very quick at the Emirates Lounge; staff definitely appreciated that flyers are on tight time frames! Since, according to the lounge staff, the evening flight between JKF and DXB is busier, I also posted the lounge’s dinner menu.


The Emirates drink selection was good, much better than the Centurion Lounge! For starters, we were greeted with a class of Veuve (Dan was much happier with real Champagne) and Perrier. Each table was also outfitted with a display showcasing Emirates “wine selection.” We asked to try one and as it turned out, the wine selection had recently changed. As such, staff insisted that we taste both of the new reds: a Juggernaut Hillside Cab and a Grenache/Syrah blend. Both were excellent, but the Juggernaut was both of our favorite. We ended our stay with a glass of the Juggernaut. In addition to wine, Emirates also serves beer and hard liquor.

In addition to good wine, the Emirates Lounge has a full selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including many soft drinks, upscale still and sparkling water bottles, coffee beverages, tea, etc. I ordered a cappuccino that was quite tasty.


In terms of other amenities, the restrooms were clean and spacious and the wifi worked well.  The staff also let us stay until we absolutely needed to board and announced to everyone when it was time to leave. I guess that’s easy when you are only serving 1 flight! I’m sure there are other amenities that I missed or that were closed due to COVID. Hopefully I will get to return when its fully functioning!


Emirates Lounge JFK Terminal 4: Post-Security down Concourse A. Access is on the second level (via stairs or elevator), very close to the Emirates gates and the Marhaba Lounge.  Currently open for Emirates’ morning flight to Dubai and its evening flight, although I was told it will only be open for the evening flight starting in June 2021 until travel between JFK and Dubai and/or Milan  (the two routes Emirates flys from JFK) picks up.

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