Restaurant Review: Manes Art Restaurant & Terrace, Prague.

Prague is filled with delicious food – from high end Michelin starred restaurants to super casual and inexpensive ones. You will absolutely have a difficult time allocating your meals amongst the options. Despite my deep research on the best places to eat in Prague earlier this year, Dan and I stumbled on a fabulous restaurant while strolling along the Vltava River -Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace.


The menu that enticed us in.

Particularly, we were taking pictures of Fred & Ginger, A/K/A Prague’s famous Dancing Houses and then, we stumbled upon Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace. Well, we actually smelled Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace first, and it smelled delicious. And while I had my heart set on some more fried cheese for lunch, we decided that Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace smelled too good not to try. Plus, it was right on the river  and had a terrace- always a fun meal in my experience!


Also, we can never turn down a terrace.

It was lunch on a gorgeous Sunday and the restaurant was pretty empty, so we were seated right away next to the panoramic widow overlooking the River Vltava. As mentioned, there is also an outdoor terrace closer to the river with blankets (nice touch!), but we skipped it because it was a bit chilly outside.


Dan & our table.


The terrace overlooking the River Vltava.

Aside from the river views, Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace is quite upscale, with a modern design highlighted with contemporary art and the loveliest leather chairs at all tables. Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace definitely felt fancy. Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace also age its own meat. Yet another nice touch.




More interior.


Always a good sign.

After settling in, our first order was drinks – I mean ,it was our last day! Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace has quite the list of alcohol, including some fancy cocktails, as well as a lengthy international wine list. 


The wine list.

Dan ordered one of the fancy cocktails, and eventually a second. The cocktails were very good and reasonably priced for what they were (expensive for Prague however). I once again tried a Moravian red wine, this one a 2015 Pinot Noir from Haltýrky. And, it was awesome! Definitely the best Moravian red wine that I had in Prague (and possibly, the only one that I liked…). I had a second glass of that Pinot Noir.


Dan’s swanky cocktail.


A delicious Moravian Pinot Noir.


Lunch views at Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace.

For food, Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace has an extensive menu serving Prague specialties with a modern touch. The two dishes we ordered we a good size and both fantastic.

Since we had a busy day of eating and drinking, we split a first and second course. First course, the a local Czech farm goat cheese with spicy apples and pistachio served with homemade orange bread that was made with Contreau. As you can imagine, this dish was super tasty and the goat cheese paired excellently with the orange-Contreau bread. The dish was served with four servings of goat cheese and bread, so it was easily shareable.


This dish was so good. This picture does NOT do it justice!

For our next shared course, we split the Iberian pork cheeks (Dan’s favorite type of pig) made with dark beer on marjoram on smoked potato puree. Like the goat cheese, this dish was very tasty and large enough to share. The pork was very tender and you did not even need a knife to cut it. The potatoes were all terribly delicious (but aren’t they always?).


Iberian pork cheeks and potato puree.

We skipped dessert to save room for friend cheese later, but, even without dessert, we had a wonderful lunch overlooking the Vlatava River in Prague at Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace

Finally, if anyone is planning a party in Prague, including a small wedding, Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace would be a gorgeous location for it! Check out this table (I am obsessed with destination weddings after our wedding in Europe last year!).


Nice spot for a wedding party.


Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace: Masarykovo nábřeží 250/1, 110 00 Praha 1. There are actually 3 restaurants on premises but, from my opinion, they operate as one.  Restaurant open daily from 11h – 00h. We dressed pretty casually for our unplanned lunch, but I would dress a bit smarter and make a reservation here for dinner.


If you are on a tight budget, skip Mánes Art Restaurant & Terrace and instead, grab a less expensive meal off the river (every restaurant & bar on the River Vlatava is over priced). We really enjoyed Katayna, a butcher shop, for a fancy dinner at a reasonable price.


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