Restaurant Review: The Dough Bros., Galway, Ireland.

Pizza is almost certainly my favorite food, so when I noticed that the top restaurant in Galway is a pizza restaurant, I snuck it into Dan and my itinerary on our Thanksgiving trip to Ireland! Actually, it ended up being our Thanksgiving day lunch and despite being pizza in Ireland, it was excellent!


Dan at The Dough Bros.

The Dough Bros. are somewhat of a recent Galway legend and are very well known in town. Having started as a food truck in 2013 and hitting a number of bumps along the way, The Dough Bros. is now a hugely popular restaurant right in downtown Galway. They have even been ranked as one of Ireland’s best 100 restaurants by the McKenna Guide!


The Dough Bros.

Not surprising, the menu consists exclusively of pizza – red and white pies – that are made in their wood-fire oven, which they ordered directly from Italy. Pizza toppings range from standard (including real pepperoni!!) to crazy (The Tandoori!). And yes, they make vegan and gluten free pizzas!


The Menu.

Since I am a traditionalist when it comes to pizza, I ordered the Nduja Sausage red pie, which came with Nduja Irish sausage, fresh basil, and Italian cow mozzarella. The pizza was delicious and the best part was the amazing dough!! It was so fluffy and tasty. I guess they aren’t called The Dough Bros. for nothing?


Nduja Sausage Pie.

On a side note, one really interesting thing about Irish pizza is that most restaurants serving pizza sell dipping sauces for the pizza. Not like Papa Johns dipping sauce, but like mayonaise style dipping sauce, which is right up my alley! I ordered the Chili Aioli sauce (the white contained in the corner) and even Dan was eating it by the end. Highly recommended.

Dan was a bit more creative and ordered the Hey Pesto. The Hey Pesto included homemade basil pesto, goat cheese, smoked sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic red onion, and fresh rocket. Dan’s pizza was really good but we both agreed that mine was the tastier of the two!

IMG_7878 2.jpg

The Hey Pesto.


That crust!!

In addition to pizza, and in true Italian fashion, the Dough Bros. serve wine on draft, and their pours are LARGE.


That’s a big glass of wine.


The Dough Bros: 1, Cathedral Building, Middle St, Galway, Ireland. Open daily 12 – 21h, until 22h Tuesday – Saturday. Reservations not required; casual dress.


The Dough Bros. are a decent budget option in Galway.

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