Restaurant Review: LiLi HomeMade Food, Berat, Albania

Dan and I had a wonderful meal at LiLi HomeMade Food in Berat, Albania this summer. Highly recommend LiLi if you find yourself in Berat. This post shares our dining experience.

LiLi’s traditional sign.

LiLi is located deep in the Mangalem district of Berat and honestly, it was difficult to reach. Cars cannot access LiLi, and the food path is not stable and included a lot of construction and uneven stairs. People with any sort of mobility issues will have much trouble reaching LiLi. If you’re up for the challenge, the easiest way to reach LiLi to walk up stairs from the area just across from the Old Bridge. We finally saw the sign and walked up to checkin with the owner, LiLi.

The way to LiLi.

LiLi is actually located on LiLi’s own property, in an open area attached to his family house! With only about six tables, LiLi is tiny and I can see why reservations are almost always necessary. We tried to reserve a table in advance by calling the number listed on LiLi’s Facebook page, but it didn’t work. Instead, Dan and I walked by LiLi’s a day in advance and made a reservation in person. Dinner is offered in two seatings, and early and late seating, and we opted for the late one.  Arriving after drinks on Bulevardi Republika, we were warmly greeted by LiLi, who speaks numerous languages, including perfect English. Our table was an adorable little two top against an old wall of the Mangalem. What a cool setting.

LiLi’s dining room.

Our cute little table. A convenient wine holder on the side.

A few minutes later LiLi arrived with the picture menu, explained each dish, and made recommendations. We ended up ordering several dishes to share, as well as a 1/2 liter of the homemade red wine for $4.30 USD. Spoiler alert, the homemade red wine was delicious! We had a second liter.

The menu.

Half-liter of LiLi’s homemade red wine.

For food, we opted for a few dishes. The first was a dish of grilled eggplant and peppers. Definitely a local dish (as we say it on multiple menus), this was very good and felt a tiny bit healthy. Our other “starter” style dish was a cheese similar to ricotta mixed with local tomatoes. This was incredible, especially with the local Berati bread.

Grilled vegetables.

Ricotta and tomato spread.

Berati bread.

For mains, my choice was the lamb meatball! Another local speciality, this was more similar to a burger than a meatball, but the meat was excellent and seasoned well. The meatball was also HUGE. Definitely a sharer! Dan’s choice was the Berati Beef or “Veniz” is a fried piece of pork (NOT beef) stuffed with a local cheese. You can find this dish many places in Berat, but this was was particularly good. Once piece is definitely large enough to share.

Lamb meatball and Berati Beef.

Our whole dinner.

LiLi does not serve dessert, so our dinner ended with several complimentary glasses of LiLi’s homemade raki. Raki is a type of liquor from the Balkans, and each country has its own that is “the best.” I’ve tried it in Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia, and LiLi’s just may be my favorite. The raki was followed by the best part of the meal, our check for only $26 USD. Yes, only $26 USD for all of that!

The raki.

The check!

In sum, LiLi was a great dinner in Berat, Albania. Definitely our favorite in Albania! The food and drinks were excellent, but its really LiLi’s hospitality that pushes this restaurant over the top. Be sure to make a reservation if you find yourself in Berat!


LiLi HomeMade Food: Rruga Llambi Guxhumani, Berat, Albania. T: +355 69 234 9362 (listed on Facebook page – I could not get this number to work). Reservations almost certainly necessary. Super casual. No air conditioning. No credit card; LEK only.


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