Wedding Week: Day 7. Day of Rest in Ericeira!

01.09.17. Ericeira, Portugal. 1 day married! Seventh full day in Europe.

Ah, the morning after the wedding… We clearly missed breakfast, but work up earlier and less hungover than I expected! When we finally got ourselves together and down to the pool, most of our wedding guests were arriving, too. Everyone seemed pretty tired and hungover, but to have had a grand time and our wedding. Dan and I enjoyed a pool-side lunch of fries and a Somerbsy cider. The classic post-wedding carb overload. It was delightful.


All of the carbs at the Hotel Vila Gale Ericeira pool bar.

After lunch, everyone hung around the pool for the rest of the day until dinner.  Literally, all day. It was another beautiful day, perfect for pool side lounging. Although Dan did take a stroll through town – there was an End of Summer festival going on! 


Beautiful Ericeira the day after our wedding!


Dan stopped for a beer.

20170903_162433 2.jpg

I love Ericeira!

Speaking of dinner, I had planned dinner this evening with family who had come in from out of town, and I made a reservation at Cervejaria 7 Janelas before I left home! In the evening, Dan, me, my parents, Dan’s parents, Michelle and Andree, Craig, Nonni, Aunt Di, Dan’s Uncle Tommy and Aunt Claudette, and Pryor and Bryan walked about 7 minutes to the restaurant (well, Betty, Pryor, and Nonni took a care because they couldn’t make the walk after all that partying!). We arrived right on time and Andree translated for us, as there was a bit of a language barrier…


En route to dinner in Ericeira!

Our party was seated at a long table, not unlike the night before! The menu was classic , delicious Portuguese food, including lots of seafood from Ericeira, and a decent drinks menu, with Portuguese wine, Portuguese beer, and, my and Michelle’s favorite discovery of the trip, Somersby Blackberry cider!


Typical Portuguese starter – meat, cheese spread, and olives. 


Some sort of tasty pork.


Dan’s Octopus.


Garlic shrimp, very popular on the coast.


Seafood & potatoes.

After, Dan, Craig, and I stopped for a few more glasses of Portuguese wine at Wine Bar No Grau before going back to the hotel. Dan and I visited here in November when we visited and absolutely loved the place. We attempted to rent it out for a wedding event, but, again, there was a serious language barrier. Despite the barrier, the staff here is absolutely lovely and the wine is cheap and delicious! Pryor, Bryan, Michelle, Andree, and Tinh joined us a bit later. It ended up getting a bit crazier than we expected…


Ericeira at night.


This way to No Grau.

One of my favorite things about No Grau is its upstairs seating area, which is right next to a really cool window that overlooks the street. This would definitely not be allowed in the US, but hey, we were still in Portugal!


Dan at No Grau.

In typical fashion, our evening ended with more while sangria at the hotel bar. Sorry, Hotel Vila Gale Ericeira bar. We eventually turned in, as we had a very early morning ahead of us.

Photo Creds. Michelle Cozzi.

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