Restaurant Review: Trodelstuben, Nuremberg, Germany.

On our visit to Nuremberg last fall, Dan and I ate at the cutest, pink restaurant right in the old town called Trödelstuben. I found it in online reviews and luckily made an advance reservation before we left, as it was entirely booked when we visited!



Trödelstuben has an old school theme and honestly, is catered toward tourists. Nevertheless, you will find locals here and the food is quite tasty!


The interior.

The menu at Trödelstuben is in German and English and, while being one of the nicer restaurants in Nuremberg, Trödelstuben is not too expensive.


All you can eat ribs!

In addition to “all you can eat ribs”, Trödelstuben serves one of my favorite German dishes – spaetzle! Spaetzle is a kind of short noodle/pasta that is commonly served an entire meal or a side dish in Southern Germany.  My favorite spaetzle is served with cheese on top – called Kaese Spaetzle – and it tastes amazing, somewhat like a gourmet Mac & Cheese.  In any case, I clearly ordered the Kaese Spaetzle, and Trödelstuben’s version was simply delicious! The dish was served in a frying pan and topped with fried onions and chives. Way too many carbs for me to finish!

Kaese Spaetzle.

Dan and our friend, Tinh, also ordered spaetzle. Tinh ordered the pork spaetzle, which was cheese-less spaetzle served with 4 pieces of pork. She seemed to enjoy it. I prefer it with cheese.


Pork Spaetzle.

Dan ordered the mushroom spaetzle, which to his disappointment, was served with a lot of mushroom sauce (he doesn’t like mushrooms) topped with sour cream. I enjoyed this dish, but my Kaese Spaetzle was by far the best dish of the evening. Luckily, I had left overs for Dan!


Mushroom Spaetzle.

Also, most dishes at Trödelstuben are served with a side salad to start. This was a nice touch; fresh vegetables are difficult to find in restaurants in the Fall in Southern Germany!


Side salad!

Since we were on vacation simply had to order dessert! Dan ordered his favorite German dish, the Dampfnudel. Dampfnudel is a common dessert in this part of the world, and its basically a bread pudding type dish served in a vanilla sauce. It is very tasty!



I went with the more seasonal appropriate Heiβe Himbeeren – raspberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. I loved this dessert. I enjoyed it with a cheap (yet not the best) glass of German red wine. As you may know, German’s are not known for their red wines.


Heiβe Himbeeren.


Trödelstuben: Trödelmarkt 30, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany.  Open daily 11h – 123h. Reservation essential on the weekends and during high season.  Email here for a reservation: Casual attire.


Behringer’s Bratwurthäusle – Werner Behringer GmbH, Rathausplatz 1, 90403 Nürnberg.  Open daily, no reservations. 



Quinta do Arneiro, Gradil, Portugal – A Great Place For A Party (Or Lunch) In Gradil, Portugal!

Dan and I hosted our “rehearsal dinner” the night before our wedding at Quinta do Arneiro in Gradil, Portugal last summer! I have “rehearsal dinner” in quotes, because we did not actually have a wedding rehearsal (we winged it!); this was just a dinner the night before our wedding with all of our guests who were in town! The evening was fabulously fun, and Quinta do Arneiro was the most amazing venue that anyone can visit for a meal! Highly recommended!!


Quinta do Arneiro!

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Wedding Week: Day 7. Day of Rest in Ericeira!

01.09.17. Ericeira, Portugal. 1 day married! Seventh full day in Europe.

Ah, the morning after the wedding… We clearly missed breakfast, but work up earlier and less hungover than I expected! When we finally got ourselves together and down to the pool, most of our wedding guests were arriving, too. Everyone seemed pretty tired and hungover, but to have had a grand time and our wedding. Dan and I enjoyed a pool-side lunch of fries and a Somerbsy cider. The classic post-wedding carb overload. It was delightful.


All of the carbs at the Hotel Vila Gale Ericeira pool bar.

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Wedding Week. Day 5. Ericeira & Rehearsing at Quinta do Arneiro in Gradil, Portugal!

Wednesday, 30.08.17. Ericeira and Gradil, Portugal. 1 day until the wedding. Fourth full day in Europe.

Ahhh, wedding eve! If we weren’t already nervous, the nerves really kicked in today! Although, I have to say, day 5 started out pretty easy with some lounging, drinking, and eating European flavored potato chips by the pool! Most people were in town by this point and everyone was starting to hang out especially after Day 4’s big Welcome Cocktail Hour!


Dan & me at our Welcome Cocktail Hour! #warethecozzis

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Wedding Week: Day 4. Lisbon to Ericeira and Our First Official Wedding Event!!

Tuesday, 29.08.17. Ericeira, Portugal. 2 days until the wedding. Third full day in Europe.

Ahhhh, our fourth day in Portugal and 2 days before the wedding. Shit was start to get very real, as we were leaving for Ericeira today, hosting our first official wedding event this evening, and saying goodbye to Lisbon (temporarily, I’ll be back)!


One last shot of beautiful Lisbon before the wedding events commence!

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Wedding Week: Day 3. Touring Lisbon’s Highlights!

Monday, 28.08.17. Lisbon, Portugal. 3 days until the wedding. Second full day in Europe.

Ah, Monday. Three days before our wedding and our third day in Lisbon! It was really nice not to have to go to work on a Monday or check email (#weddingweek – this would never happen otherwise).  Dan and I woke up relatively early and went to breakfast around 9, where we ran into a lot of our guests! I, of course, had another croissant with Nutella…


Breakfast at Hotel Avenida Palace!

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Wedding Week: Day 2. A Tour of Belem and a Sunset Sail down the Tagus River!

Sunday, 27.08.17. Lisbon, Portugal. 4 days until the wedding. First full day in Europe.

Day 2 was everyone’s first full day in Lisbon, and it was a packed one! I organized a self-guided tour of Bélem for our guests who had arrived in Lisbon and an evening sail on the Tagus river during sunset. We also had dinner plans with Craig, Michelle, and Andree and Hotel Avenida Palace thew us a surprise sparking wine party! Needless to say, we started early, with a bus picking everyone up (well, 13 of us) at 9:00 AM (after Nutella croissants, of course!). While I think a few people were skeptical of my Portuguese bus renting abilities, our driver arrived early in a nice bus/van with room for everyone. He even spoke a tiny bit of English! Pro tip – if you are traveling with a large group, a bus rental is a FABULOUS idea.

IMG_6860 2

First stop – the Jeronimos Monastry in Belem!

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Wedding Week: Day 1. Finally in Lisbon, Portugal!

Saturday, 26.08.17. Lisbon, Portugal. 5 days until the wedding. Arrival in Europe.

After a good 2 hours in the Art & Lounge lounge at Newark International Airport, the 9 of us flying from Newark to Lisbon together (me, Dan, Michelle, Andree, Craig, Betty, Tony, Aunt Di, and Nonni!) enjoyed a smooth flight across the Atlantic and arrived in Lisbon bright and early at 5:00 a.m…. A prearranged van picked us up from the airport and drove us directly to the Hotel Avenida Palace, our home for the next 3 nights.  Although our rooms were not ready when we arrived (expected), Hotel Avenida Palace was super welcoming and gave us all free breakfast, which was an excellent way to start wedding week… Hotel Avenida Palace also has the most awesome croissants that are terribly tasty when dipped in Nutella! #whatweddingdiet?


Welcome to the Hotel Avenida Palace.

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