Wines of Portugal – One of my Favorite Stops in Lisbon!

Funny enough, for all of my returning readers, the company “Wines of Portugal” originally interested Dan and me in visiting Portugal several years ago – Wines of Portugal did a wine dinner in Princeton, New Jersey and we attended! Little did we know that we would be returning in 2017 to get married in Portugal! Thanks Wines of Portugal!


Map of the wine regions of Portugal.

In any case, Wines of Portugal is a company that promotes Portuguese wine, both in Portugal and abroad, including in the US. The company is generally of a high quality and I trust most stuff with its name. Wines of Portugal has a delicious and informative tasting room in Lisbon right in Praça do Comércio – Lisbon’s grandest square right on the river Tagus.


Praca do Comercio from Wines of Portugal.

If you are in Praça do Comércio, Wines of Portugal is located on the right side (with your back to the water) and is open to the public Tuesday – Saturday from 11h to 19h. While you can sign up for a formal wine tasting, one of the most fun things at Wines of Portugal is that anyone can pop in and experience a Portuguese wine tasting without any pre-planning or advance knowledge!                          


The entrance.

To start tasting Portuguese wine at Wines of Portugal, go to the back counter and purchase a tasting card – a credit card-esque card on which you load a minimal amount of money. Wines of Portugal provides glasses, water, and information on various Portuguese wines and wine regions. Once you get your card, wine vending machines are set up on each side of the tasting room, which offer a variety of different Portuguese wines – from green (vinho verde), to white, to red, to port. When you see one you want, insert your card and choose a taste, a half-glass or a full glass. Money is deduced from your card accordingly, and you can always top off your card!


The tasting room!

You can taste as much or as little as you want. The staff is also very helpful and there are many books, brochures, and posters on Portuguese wine throughout the tasting room.


An overview of the tasting room.


One of the wine tasting machines.

In sum, Wines of Portugal is a really interesting, inexpensive, and fun way to sample Portuguese wines, and its perfect for newcomers or wine connoisseurs. I recommend spending 30 minutes to an hour here, longer if you are really into wine. As Wines of Portugal is located on Praça do Comércio, you can easily split up from your group to allow everyone to do their own thing in Praça do Comércio.





Wines of Portugal: Terreiro do Paço, 1100-148 Lisboa. Open Tuesday – Saturday 11h – 19h (last tasting at 18h30). Wines of Portugal also has a tasting room in Porto. Both tasting rooms can be rented our for private tastings.


Since you can spend what you want and entrance is free, this is a good budget option. Single tastings are as cheap as .50 euro cents.

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