Lounge Review: ANA Lounge, Lisbon, Portugal

I few in and out of Lisbon, Portugal’s Terminal 1 earlier this year, and was very excited to find that Lisbon’s Terminal 1 offered not one but two (!!) Priority Pass lounges.  Two Priority Pass lounges in an international terminal is quite the dream!  I visited one, the Blue Lounge, on my way into Lisbon for a snack and the second, ANA Lounge, on my flight out.  While both were usable, ANA Lounge blew Blue Lounge out of the water!  ANA Lounge is one of the best airport lounges on Priority Pass that I have visited, if not THE best airport lounge on Priority Pass that I have ever visited!


Entrance to ANA Lounge!

The ANA Lounge is located in the main social area of Lisbon’s Terminal 1 called the Parça Lisboa (“Lisbon Park”), which is basically the mall area of Terminal 1 – lots and lots of shops.  ANA Lounge is located on the 6th floor at the top of a long escalator.  If you don’t look up, you can easily miss the entrance!

We made our way to the ANA Lounge on an early Monday morning to check it out in case the ANA Lounge had complimentary food before paying for airport McDonalds… Lucky move on our part!  While the ANA Lounge was super crowded on a Monday morning, there was complimentary breakfast that was frequently replenished.


Check-in desk.

Upon entering the ANA Lounge, we were quickly checked-in and eventually found two seats together.  Unfortunately, the seats with runway views (there were a lot, some with foot stands!) were all taken.  Next time!  Since we were in a hurry, Dan went for food while I plugged in my computer for a last charge before the flight.  European plugs seemed to be everywhere and wifi was decent.  I could access this blog and log into Citrix (my real job remote platform).  After Dan returned, it was my turn to get breakfast!  I would note that although the ANA Lounge was busy, it is a big lounge with tons of room.


The prime seats overlooking the runway.


More seating.


The lounge is large.

The Food.

Even though it was just breakfast, I was impressed!  ANA Lounge had set up a selection of sandwiches and pastel de natel in two separate locations on different ends of the lounge.  The main breakfast food were baguette sandwiches with ham, breaded chicken, eggplant, or cheese.  I really enjoyed the breaded chicken sandwich.  In addition to the sandwiches, ANA Lounge set out trays of pastel de nata (a famous Portuguese dessert), fruit, crackers, and a selection of potato chips.  Here are some pictures – the food was a lot better than the pictures make it out to be!


Breaded chicken on baguette.  Delicious!!


Eggplant on baguette.


Cheese on baguette.


Pastel de nata and another sweet treat.

The Drinks.

Not to be outdone by the food, the ANA Lounge had a good selection of beverages, even on a Monday morning.  Since it was about 8:00 a.m., I opted for coffee, having an espresso from ANA’s fancy Nespresso machine!




Lots of coffee options.

Had we come to the ANA Lounge later in the day, I would have indulged in the complimentary alcohol.  ANA Lounge offers a bar near back of the lounge, which had self-service sparkling wine at breakfast.  There is also a self-service fridge with lots of mixers.  I did end up trying a self-made mimosa (for research purposes!).


Self-serve drinks, including Portuguese beer.


Self-made mimosa – couldn’t help myself!

In addition to the food, drinks and runway views, the ANA Lounge offers a number of complimentary amenities, including sleep “rooms,” showers, international newspapers, wifi, and a small business center.  Towels and toiletries can even be purchased from the front desk for € 15,45.


A very bad picture of one of the sleep rooms.  While the lounge was busy, a few were open when I visited.


Shower information.


One of the showers.


International papers.


The business center.

My only complaint about ANA Lounge is that it was REALLY crowded on a Monday morning.  It was almost impossible to find two seats together.  That being said, I still found ANA Lounge to be one of the nicest Priority Pass lounges that I have ever visited.  Have you visited ANA Lounge?  Did you love the ANA Lounge as much as I did?!


ANA Lounge: Post-security, Terminal 1, located in Praça Lisboa (“Lisbon Park” a/k/a the main social area of Terminal 1) on the 6th floor. Open 5:00 – 23:00 daily.  Priority Pass and Dragon Pass accepted.  T: +351 218 413 658. E: lisboa.lounge@ana.pt. Anyone can purchase admission for €25,00 via ANA Lounge’s website.


ANA Lounge is a must-do for Priority Pass members!  If you don’t have Priority Pass, I would weigh how long you can spend in the lounge and for what you plan to use the ANA Lounge.  With free wifi, drinks, coffee and food, ANA lounge could be a bargain given high airport prices.  The bargain increases even further if you are there long enough to use the sleep rooms or showers!


6 thoughts on “Lounge Review: ANA Lounge, Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Excellent review! Do you know if we can access the ANA Lounge on our way into the country? My flight lands in Lisbon very early and I’d like to visit the lounge before heading to my hotel.

    • Hey Roberta! You may be able to visit the ANA Lounge, depending on where you deplane and how they ferry you to baggage claim. It is more likely if you are coming in from within Europe. When I flew in from Paris earlier this year, I was able to use the Blue Lounge to freshen up before proceeding to baggage claim. Alternatively, ANA has another lounge land side (near the check-in desks) that you should be able to use if its open (although I think its closed on weekends). If any case, if you visit any lounge after landing, you will still need your old boarding pass to visit and your passport! Have a great trip!!

  2. Wow this is perfect!!! We have priority pass options for the lounge and were debating between the 2, not even a competition will go to the ANA lounge! thank you for the reviews!

    • Glad it was helpful! We live this lounge – definitely the best in Lisbon!!

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