Lounge Review: Blue Lounge, Lisbon, Portugal

As I mentioned in my previous post, Lisbon’s International Airport has three Priority Pass lounges!  I was lucky enough to try two of them on my recent visit, the Blue Lounge and the ANA Lounge, and I was happy with both.  This is my review of the Blue Lounge, the smaller and less exciting of the two lounges.  I reviewed ANA Lounge in my previous post!

Unlike most lounge visits, Dan and I stopped at Lisbon International’s Blue Lounge on our way into the country.  If you plan to do this, be sure to keep you boarding pass from the flight from which you departed (you need it to get in for security purposes) and keep an eye on time if you checked luggage (you do not want that to sit for long without you!).


Entrance to the Blue Lounge.

Since we did not check luggage, stopping into Blue Lounge was a great idea and allowed us to grab a much needed snack, a bottle of water and a small respite from airport craziness! Check-in was pretty easy, although there was an issue because I could not find my old boarding pass (rookie mistake!).  Luckily, the check-in employee checked me in under Dan’s ticket.  This may have been because we were the only people there…  In any case, Blue Lounge is very well marked with blue and white signage.


Check-in area.

The Space.  

Blue Lounge is set up oddly; it reminded me of a rectangular shoe box.  Check-in is in the middle, and small seating areas spread out on both sides.  The seating consisted of worn leather couches.  Large, flat screen TVs were scattered throughout.  One pro was the spacious and clean bathroom (much better than the ones in the main terminal) and an outdoor smoking area (even though I don’t smoke!).  Sometimes its just nice to get fresh air in an airport!


The lounge.


Dan Dan getting food.

There was an area with computer access and wifi throughout.


Computer area.

The Food.

A small selection of complimentary snacks were set up just past the check-in area.  While nothing super fancy, it was a random midday hour (post-lunch and pre-dinner) and the food was decent and welcomed after a long day of flying.  My favorites were the ham and cheese sandwiches on sweet bread.

In addition to my favorite sandwiches, there were the portuguese classics of potato croquette, breaded cod (that was an unexpected surprise…) and pastel nata, as well as fruit and potato chips.


The tasty ham and cheese sandwiches.




Complimentary cookies, crackers and chips.

The Drinks.

Per usual, coffee, soda and Portuguese wine and beer were available self-serve in the food area.  I skipped the drinks, but one of the red wines from the Douro looked particularly tasty!


Another fancy Nespresso machine.  The Portuguese take their coffee seriously.


Self-serve booze.


A selection of self-serve soda, Portuguese beer, and Portuguese wine.


Blue Lounge:  Lisbon International, Terminal 1, Airside (post-security) in the International area on the 5th floor.  Located near Harrods Bar and the international transfer desks toward Gates 7 – 13.  Priority Pass accepted (possibly others).  Open 6:00 – 23:00.


If you have Priority Pass and you are close to the Blue Lounge, its worth entry for a light snack, a drink, wifi or its clean bathrooms.  If I were paying to enter a lounge (and I am not even sure you can buy a day pass to the Blue Lounge), I would instead opt for a day pass to ANA Lounge (CITE) at €25,00 a person.

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