Restaurant Review: L’Antre Deux Verre, St. Emilion, France!

As I have mentioned, St. Émilion is chock-full of excellent restaurants, a number of which have Michelin Stars. While that is great, we had a bit of trouble finding a somewhat casual restaurant for lunch in St. Émilion! This difficulty was enchanched by the fact that Dan is allergic to duck, and a lot of Southwestern cuisine (St. Émilion is in the Southwest of France) prominently features duck on the menu.

After canvasing the town for a lunch that would not take two hours and a restaurant whose menu did not focus on duck, we spotted L’Antre Deux Verre’s terrace overlooking St. Émilion, very close to La Tour du Roy.  I did not see a sign, so you will have to look for the terrace!


L’Antre Deux Verre’s terrace

We decided to give L’Antre Deux Verre since many of the other restaurants would very fancy and would offer hours long lunch and/or their most interesting dishes were duck forward. Deciding on L’Antre Deux Verre was an excellent choice!

The menu was written in French on a chalkboard. Usually a good sign. In addition to the hand written food menu, there was also a hand written wine menu, stocked with various St. Émilion reds. Another good sign! We went with this 2009 Chåteau Corbin:


It was quite delicious. When in St. Émilion, right?

We started our meal with a French cheese plate, which came with five cheese and the most delicious mustard sauce hiding under that lettuce. I was also in love that the adorable yellow Berger pitcher.


For mains, Dan ordered a beef steak done in a St. Émilion red wine shallot reduction with fries and salad. He liked it, but my dish was the winner…


Pork medalions, which were huge, in foie gras sauce!!  AMAZING! I LOVED this dish – one of my favorites of the trip!  Like Dan’s my meal was served with french fries and salad. Too bad I did not have a refrigerator to take my few leftovers home.


After my meal was so good, I had to order dessert even though I was stuffed…  I went with the below chocolate cake, and it did not dissapoint!


And one more picture of that adorable yellow picture, just because its so adorable!


L’Antre Deux Verre ended up being just the restaurant that we wanted. Casual, in and out within 1:30 and delicious food! L’Antre Deux Verre was certainly a good find in the middle of St. Émilion!


L’Antre Deux Verre (no website): 1 Bis Rue de la Porte Sainte-Marie, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France. T: +33 5 57 24 09 73. Located very close to Le Tour du Roy.  Open Thursday – Tuesday 12:00 – 15:00. Closed Wednesday. Casual restaurant in St. Émilion. No sign. Limited tables but reservations probably not required. 

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