The Kaza Visa: A Necessity For Visiting Victoria Falls

When Dan and I visited Victoria Falls in April 2015, I had an extremely difficult time figuring out which Visas we would need to purchase to visit both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of Victoria Falls!  Lucky for us, the governments of Zimbabwe and Zambia introduced the Kaza Visa before we visited.  This made our Visa purchasing so much easier, however, it was not that well publicized outside of the Victoria Falls immediate area, so I decided that its own post was necessary.  For a quick cheat sheet, see the bottom of the page.


What is the Kaza Visa you may ask?  It is a Visa allowing unlimited access between Zimbabwe and Zambia and limited entry into Botswana for day trips for a 30-day period for visitors from certain countries.  This is definitely a must-do for those visiting both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of Victoria Falls, those contemplating visiting both sides and those taking a day trip to Botswana for safari, or really even considering it.  Note that I say “considering.”  You have to buy Visas either way, and a one way entry into Zimbabwe is $30 US on its own.  If you decide to cross the border and see the Zambia side of the Falls or Livingstone Island (think: Devil’s Pool!), you have to pay a “day entry” fee into Zambia and then another entry back into Zimbabwe.  As a result, if you are even considering hopping around, BUY THE KAZA VISA.  Its only slightly more expensive and honestly, the border crossing workers saw the Kaza Visa and just passed us right through.  It screams – I’m a tourist and here to spend money.  They like that.

How do I purchase it?  The Kaza Visa is only available to citizens of certain nationalities, and it costs $50 USD per person.  You can buy it on the spot at the Victoria Falls Airport in Victoria Falls and the Harry Mwaanga Airport in Livingstone, Zambia.  You can also buy the Visa at the Victoria Falls land crossing.  Apparently now the Kaza Visa is also available at the Kazangula land border and Harare (Zimbabwe) and Lusaka (Zambia) airports.  I recommend bringing US dollars to buy the Kaza Visa, and any Visa really.  Livingstone Airport, where we purchased our Kaza Visas, took credit card (Visa and Mastercard), but the line for credit was extremely long, the machines were slow and, surprise, they continuously “broke.”  Bring cash.  Everyone likes that better.


NOTE – if you are buying at the airport, try to hurry getting off the plane and have a pen ready.  We had to complete a health form before even entering immigration, where the visas are sold.  The health forms were not handed out on the plane.  Hurrying off the plane and being prepared to fill out the form may only save you 3-5 minutes in entering immigration, but will allow you to get in the visa line before others taking their time with the health forms.  This can save you 30 – 45 minutes in visa-waiting time.  Seriously. Do this.

We visited both sides of Victoria Falls, staying nights in both Zimbabwe and Zambia, and moved between the two countries with complete ease.  Customs waved us right through.  We did not go into Botswana, so I cannot comment on that aspect of the Kaza Visa.  From what I have read, the Kaza Visa is hoped to expand further, potentially covering all of Botswana (currently it only covers day trips in) and Namibia in the future.  Definitely check the respective governments’ websites for the most up-to-date information!


Who is eligible: Citizens of the USA, Canada, most members of the EU, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Uruguay, UAE.  Maybe others, confirm before traveling!

Where can one obtain the Kaza Visa: Victoria Falls Airport, Victoria Falls land border, Kazangula land border, Harare Airport, Livingstone Airport and Lusaka Airport.

Cost: $50 USD.  Bring cash!

Validity: 30 days

Notes: It takes up a full page of your passport.

Advance purchase: Nope, you can only buy it on the spot at the airport!

DISCLAIMER: This information is accurate as of this posting.  Please confirm the information prior to traveling as it is subject to change.

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