Excellent Pizza in Venice: Ai Garzoti!

A big challenge in Venice is finding good (or even mediocre) food in Venice.  You can pretty much forget about authentic (unless you take the Venice Bites Food Tour!).  On my trip to Venice last November, I was determined to find a decent meal, and I think I did fine with Ai Garzoti!

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Favorite Photos from Venice, Italy!

We visited Venice last year over the US Thanksgiving holiday.  I was a tiny bit nervous when planning, as November in Venice has been known to be terribly rainy and grey.  However, our trip was absolutely lovely and Venice was magical, as always.  Plus, we missed some of the crowds that can ruin Venice during high season!  

Since Venice is SO stunningly photographic, I decided to share a post of my favorite photos – happy holiday planning!


Venice in black and white.


Venetian gothic.

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