L’Angolo Divino: A Delicious Wine Bar Near Touristy Camp de’ Fiori!

Dan and my friend, Hugh, is in the wine industry, so when we were in Rome, he sent us over a few dinner/wine bar recommendations to try while we were in town! Usually I am a little picky about people’s restaurant or wine recommendations, but this guy knows his stuff and introduced us to Portuguese wine, which led to our wedding in Portugal! Enter L’Angolo Divino, a wine bar near Campo de’ Fiori, which was definitely our hang out spot when we studied in Rome…. We called and made a reservation same day (and probably did not need a reservation). 

Despite it being late December in Rome, we walked to dinner (it was mid 50s F!) and were promptly seated at a cute table next to a window overlooking the street. The restaurant is quite small and when we visited, all of the patrons seemed to be tourists. This was a bit unsettling, but it turned out great.


A happy Dan Dan at dinner!

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Brewery Spotlight: Carton Brewing, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Carton Brewing Company – commonly referred to as just Carton (like a carton of milk) –  is a craft brewery located in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.  Carton has gained a lot of popularity in the last year or so, and has quickly become one of my favorite breweries!  Carton makes  excellent and creative beers, from a super smooth session ale to a Russian  imperial stout brewed with freeze dried ice cream to my favorite, an imperial cream ale called Regular Coffee at 12% ABV.  Some of my recent favorites:

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Brewery Spotlight: Tired Hands Brewing Company, Ardmore, PA

Tired Hands Brewing Company is a small, but quickly growing, brewery in Ardmore, PA.  Tired Hands opened in 2011 and since has developed quite a cult following, and for good reason.  Well known for their saisons and IPAs, Tired Hands has won a number of awards for its beers and its limited can releases draw huge crowds and trade for the best of beers.

Since I love beer, Tired Hands gets rave reviews, and it opened just minutes from where I attended law school, I made the trip to try it out this past weekend!  I enjoyed my visit and would recommend a visit to anyone in the PA/NJ area who enjoys craft beer, or food.  Their food was as good as the beer in my opinion.  In any case, Tired Hands is definitely worth the trip from Philadelphia if you are there.

Prior to visiting, there are a couple points to know.  Tired Hands is split into two locations about a 5 minute walk from each other – the Brew Cafe and the Fermenteria.  You should try to visit both, because they have different tap lists.  Public parking is available in the general area, but, except on Sundays, you will likely need to feed a coin meter every two hours.

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All You Need To Know About Visiting Dogfish Head Brewery!

After a long break and a visit to Colombia, I am back with all you need to know about visiting the Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!  A visit to Dogfish Head in Rehoboth is fun for both the beer geek and those who are not crazy about beer.  It makes for a great weekend getaway from the mid-Atlantic region!

Dogfish Head Brewery, or Dogfish for short, is a pretty famous American craft brewery located in coastal Delaware.  It’s really fun to visit for a long weekend and, not surprisingly, draws lots of visitors each year.  While super fun, visiting can be a little confusing due to the differing locations of the Brewpub, the Brewery and the Inn.  To aid in planning your getaway, here is some essential information that you should be aware of before visiting.  First off, there are three main stops on your Dogfish tour: (1) the Brewpub; (2) the Brewery; and (3) the Inn (can only be visited if you stay there).  They are each about 20 minutes away from each other and I would rank visiting them in that order.

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Craft Beer Craziness in Quebec City !

The Québec province is quite the hot spot for craft breweries, and has been for quite some time, hosing the famous Mondial de la biere in Montréal and claiming the renowned Le Dieu du Ciel! and Unibroue breweries (both also in greater Montréal).  However, while Montréal receives a lot of the accolades for craft beer, Québec City has certainly not missed out on the craft beer movement.  When I visited in 2015, we visited five craft breweries in Québec City proper and there were a number more just outside the city.  Here are my thoughts of the ones that we visited.

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