L’Affaire est Ketchup: My Other Favorite Restaurant in Quebec City

L’Affaire est Ketchup.  The sentence is Québecois slang for “cool.”  It is also the name of a a very popular restaurant in Québec City.   Despite being so well-known, l’Affaire est Ketchup was a last minute additional to my Québec dining itinerary.  I had read about it, but it seemed a little passé, over rated, past its prime, the like.  I changed my mind on a whim on the day I left, after I saw it on Anthony Bourdain’s show while waiting for my flight.  I decided then that I should at least try to make a reservation.  I mean if its good enough for Anthony, its good enough for me.  Very lucky for me, it was off-season and the restaurant had one 6:00 reservation for two people, but we had to be out by 7:45.  Done.

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iX pour Bistro – My Favorite Meal In Quebec City!

When researching restaurants for U.S. Thanksgiving dinner in Québec City, I came across iX pour Bistro on a few foodie blogs.  It seemed to get good reviews on ratings sites (TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.) and the posted pictures looked pretty good.  So, I decided that this was the place for Thanksgiving dinner!  This was a FANTASTIC choice!  The food was outstanding and the service impeccable.  I would not travel back to Québec without eating here, and you shouldn’t either!

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