Day Tripping To Lindos, Rhodes, Greece!

Dan and I finally returned to Europe post-Covid over the American 4th of July holiday 2021, a little over a month after Greece re-opened to tourists. Our trip began in Rhodes, Greece, a Greek island very close to Turkey, and we spent one day in the lovely town of Lindos, Rhodes!

Back in Europe with the best views in Lindos.


Lindos is a goooooorgeous little white-washed Greek town on the island of Rhodes, a Greek island just off the Turkish coast. Lindos has an acropolis that tourists can explore, an adorable little town with all the white houses and winding streets that you can imagine, and a pretty beach that looks perfect for swimming! On Turkish-influenced Rhodes, Lindos is the traditional Greek village that you need.


As a jumbled little Greek town, visitors should know that Lindos is located on a hill and its quite steep and slippery to get from town to the Acropolis and town to the beach. There are donkeys for hire to the Acropolis, but be sure to wear solid walking shoes and be prepared to do some hiking around town.

Some of the old town, Acropolis on top.


We started our visit to Lindos with its most famous site, the Acropolis! The Acropolis is located above town, with tourists walking up a number of stairs before reaching the entrance to the Acropolis. Look out for gorgeous views and some pretty steep drop offs (parents, be warned!).


We entered the Acropolis for a whopping €12 per person (credit card accepted, probably not worth it honestly). We arrived to the Acropolis around 10:30 and it was just starting to get crowded. We walked all around, viewed the ruins, and read the few descriptions of what we saw. The entire site was pretty cool and we spent about an hour at the Acropolis. The top is easy enough to walk around.

Cool rock carving at the Acropolis.

More Acropolis. Pretty empty on our visit.

After the Acropolis, we walked around town, doing some shopping, sightseeing of the gorgeous water, and eventually grabbed lunch and coffee.  Lindos is full of gorgeous lookouts and rooftop cafes and restaurants. Be sure to have at least a coffee at one of these spots!


In need of coffee, we stopped for a Greek Frappe for me and a double espresso for Dan at a rooftop cafe/bar, although I cannot recall the name.  The rooftop restaurant was right in heart of Lindos and there are many similar rooftop restaurants in the area. My frappe was great and while we could not see the sea, the roof top views were top notch!

Greek Frappe.

After we finished sightseeing, we had lunch at Mythos, a restaurant near the center of town with a beautiful roof top garden. We were a bit iffy on eating in Lindos since its so touristy, but our meal at Mythos was excellent. We split a trio of dips, a battered Feta in honey, and meatballs and split a bottle of very tasty house red.

Our meal at Mythos.

House wine. An excellent deal for 7.5 euro for 500 ml.

Another bonus point for Mythos is that its very close to the part of Lindos where taxis pick up and where bus riders begin the steep walk up to the top of town.


As mentioned, Lindos is steep and many of its paths are slippery. Good shoes are key.  If you take a bus or tour, you will likely need to walk up-hill about 15 minutes to catch the bus back home, regardless of whether you opt to visit the Acropolis. Only very small vehicles are allowed up and down this hill.

Lindos is incredibly touristy. Go early or stay the night to skip the crowds. Since its so touristy, it has all the tourist necessities, including ATM, grocery store, etc.

Lindos is hot in the summer and there is no shade on the Acropolis. Bring sunblock and a hat.

Most places took credit card, even the Acropolis.

If you plan to visit Lindos on a tour, book far in advance. Our tour was totally full and we visited just after Greece re-opened in 2021.

If you have more time in Rhodes, an overnight in Lindos would be nice and allow you to see it without the crowds.

Pretty views from Lindos.


Lindos is located on the East side of Rhodes Island in Greece. Lindos connects to Rhodes Town via a modern-enough highway. A public bus makes the trip, as do taxis and numerous day trip companies, which is what we used (Manosgoing). It’s also popular to drive. Parking is available at the “top of town,” with a pretty steep walk down to actual Lindos town, and an even further walk to the beach. Taxis can drive all the way into Lindos town, but buses and most tour companies stop at the top.  Finally, lots of “party boats,” similar to what we did in Malta’s Blue Lagoon come to Lindos. These looked quite fun, and at least one we saw departed from Rhodes Town!

The Lindos Express by Mansogoing.


Manosgoing Lindos Express: We took the Lindos Express for €20 per person. It was easy; we were dropped off around 10:30 and returned around 5:00.

Mythos Restaurant: Open daily 10 – 23.


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