Gelato Therapy: The Yummiest Gelato In Lisbon!

While Lisbon may not come immediately to mind when you think of gelato, Lisbon, Portugal is home to one of my favorite gelaterias in Europe – Gelato Therapy!  I stumbled across this gem on a walk to Alfama (actually I was waiting for tram 28 and it was too full), when I spied Gelato Therapy.  Since the tram was full and a 30 minute walk uphill to Alfama was in order, I could not pass Gelato Therapy by! 


Gelato Therapy

Gelato Therapy is a tiny gelato shop, located in Baixa just as Baixa turns uphill toward Alfama.  Its sctually located right across from the Igreja da Madalena and the tram 28 stop, making Gelato Therapy very accessible.

IMG_5329 2.jpg

At Igreja da Madalena!

Gelato Therapy has an Italian feel, and specializes in unique, hard to find gelato flavors.  For example, when visited such flavors as ginja, Iranian pistachio, Oreo, and basil vanilla were on the menu!  In true Italian gelato fashion, the gelato is housed in opaque silver containers.


In addition to gelato, Gelato Therapy serves waffles, crepes, and hot beverages!  On our visit, I ordered the Banana Nana con pezzi di cioccolato fondente (banana with dark chocolate chips) and Oreo  and on my second trip, I ordered the stracciatella and pistachio.  


Banana Nata


Iranian and Sicilian pistachio



Yes, I went multiple times.  I cannot wait to go back to Gelato Therapy in August!


Gelato TherapyR. da Madalena 83, Lisboa, Portugal.  .Open daily 11:00 – 19:00.  No reservations, and barely anywhere to sit.


Gelato Therapy is not expensive and makes a great afternoon snack on the way to or from Alfama.

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