Marche de la Vilette

Marche de la Vilette is a small, inexpensive tourist restaurant in Old Montreal.  In other words, not typically what I review!  However, it deserves a post because the food is good quality, its a fun, Canadian-French experience for tourists, its in the prime tourist area (where you could run into some not-so-quality places) and they serve Juliette et Chocolate brownies!  Marche de la Villette is located in Old Montreal, directly across from Olive et gourmando and not too far from Bota Bota.  In fact, we almost always eat here if we do a half-day at BotaBota.


The restaurant itself is decorated, somewhat tackily (but in a good way), like old-school French-Canada. There are faux hams hanging from the ceiling, French flags everywhere, a distinct wooden vibe and a display case with all sorts of French Canadian goodies on display. Due to its décor and location, its actually a pretty good meeting spot. For example, Dan and I told our friend Pryor to meet us here at 3:30 and even though she had never even seen a picture of the place, and she found it easily.


 The menu is pretty lengthy, serving Canadian-French lunch foods such as crepes, salads, huge charcuterie platters and sandwiches on baguettes.  The sandwiches and salads are large and typically come with a side salad.  My favorites are the savory crepes with ham and apple and the classic croque madame:

  207 210

They also have AMAZING desserts!  When I was there last, I had both the fruit and Nutella Crepe and a Juliette et Chocolat sea salt brownie.  And I’m not even ashamed.  Here are pictures:

216  213

As mentioned, due to its location directly across from Olive et gourmando, this is a great, and recommended, option if you cannot get in at Olive et gourmando, and a relatively easy to find meeting spot in Old Montreal.


Marché De La Villette: 324, Rue St. Paul Ouest, Montréal, Canada.  T: (514) 807-8084.  No reservations necessary.  Open 9:30 – 6:00 everyday, longer on the weekends.


This is right up your alley.

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