Juliette et Chocolat – A Chocolate Bar in Montreal!

Ah, yet another great restaurant in Montreal!  And this one is quite reasonably priced!

Juliette et Chocolat’s specialty is, what else, chocolate!  The main feature is a laundry list of chocolate from all over the world that Juliette et Chocolate makes into European sipping chocolate. The list runs the gamut from milk chocolate to super dark chocolate, and lists the country, a description and the cacao percentage.

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The sipping chocolate comes in two sizes and is accompanied by a chocolate bon bon! These sipping chocolates are delicious, but very filling…


The best part about Juliette et Chocolat is that you can stop in for a snack, coffee or dessert, or have an entire meal.  For meals, Juliette et Chocolat offers savory crepes and salads!  Below is a savory crepe that Dan and I split, which was filled with apple, walnuts, raclette cheese, gruyere and maple syrup!  It also came with a side salad.  Delicious!


And here is my cappuccino!  The coffee is also delicious!


And finally, my absolute favorite dish to order at Juilette et Chocolat – the Banatella Brownie!  Tip: Juliette et Chocolat distributes its brownies throughout the city, including at La Marche de la Vilette (recommended if you miss Olive et gourmando), so you can have a brownie even if you miss Juliette et Chocolat (which is NOT recommended!).  On the left is the Banatella Brownie and on the right is a Juliette et Chocolat Sea Salt Caramel Brownie from La Marche de la Vilette!



Juliette et Chocolat has four locations throughout Montreal, so you are never too far! My favorite is the Plateau location. The decor is a bit fancier and it feels like a real treat!  The St. Denis/Latin Quarter location is nice too, and it has outdoor seating in nice weather.



Juliette et Chocolat

St. Dennis Location : Quartier Latin, 1615 St-Denis, Montréal. T: 514.287.3555, Sun-Thu : 11am to 11pm, Fri-Sat : 11am to 0pm

Plateau Location: 377 Laurier Ouest, Montréal. T: 514.510.5651, Sun-Thu : 11am to 11pm, Fri : 11am to 0pm / Sat : 10am to 0pm

Other Locations

Quartier Dix30, 9190 Boul. Leduc, Brossard. T: 450.678.5353, Sun-Thu : 11am to 11pm, Fri-Sat : 11am to 0pm

Laval, 525 Prom. du Centropolis, Laval. T: 450.934.9484, Mon-Thu : 9am to 11pm, Fri-Sat : 8am to 0pm, Sun : 8am to 11pm

Sainte-Catherine, 1626 St-Catherine Ouest, Montréal. T: 514.508.4800, Sun-Thu : 11am to 11pm, Fri-Sat : 11am to 0pm

Saint-Laurent, 3600 St-Laurent, Montréal. T: 438.380.1090, Sun-Thu : 11am to 11pm, Fri-Sat : 11am to 0pm

La Marche de la Vilette – 324,Rue Saint Paul Ouest, Montréal, Québec, H2Y 2A3. T. 514-807-8084.  A restaurant that carries Juliette et Chocolat brownies!

On A Budget

Juliette et Chocolat is not very expensive.

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