Meatballs For the People – A Delicious Spot In Sodermalm, Stockholm

As discussed in my post about the delicious Stockholm’s Gastabud, Dan and I were constantly on the hunt for reasonably priced, high quality meals when we went to Stockholm!  In my research, a restaurant called Meatballs For the People kept coming up!  We decided to give it a try and made reservations online for dinner one evening!  Let me just say, this place was DELICIOUS!!!  If in Stockholm, you must go here.  Period.  They also have pretty cool slogans.

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Meatballs for the People is a casual eatery specizliaing in meatballs (if you didn’t get that…) and located a bit off the tourist path in the Södermalm neighborhood in Stockholm (think The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).  The restaurant offers both pre-packaged to-go meatballs, which are great if you have an apartment and are looking to save $$, and a casual sit down eatery!  The pre-packaged meatballs have a bit more variety, pork, chicken, veggie, lamb, beef, mixed meats, etc. than the restaurant, which makes a couple varieties each evening.  The to-go counter is in the far corner!

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When we visited, the restaurant had just moved into a larger location and the chef was thrilled to tell us about it!  So interesting and great to see a local establishment doing so well!

In terms of food, there is a changing menu that offers specials of the day, all involving meatballs!  The decision was tough…but we ended up choosing well!  Since there was so much goodness, we ended up splitting three meatball items between the two of us!

We started with meatballs with lettuce, tomatoes and a delicious, delicious sauce!  YUMMMM!

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Next, this!  I cannot remember what it was, but it was also amazing!


Finally, to round out our dinner, an order of the standard Swedish Meatballs, complete with lingionberries and mashed potatoes!

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While we were stuffed, since the meatballs were so delicious, we had to make some room for dessert and cider!

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Dan and I both really enjoyed this dinner!  We find ourselves talking about it often and would certainly recommend it!  If you are planning to visit Stockholm, definitely make a reservation and eat here for lunch or dinner!  It is very reasonable for the quality of food, especially in Stockholm!


Meatballs For The People – Nytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm, T: 08 466 60 99, You can make reservations easily on their website under “Bokning.”  Definitely make them.  We saw several people being turned away in January!!


Walk in anytime and buy the pre-packaged meatballs located in a cooler in the corner.  You will have a number of options, including veggie and chicken, and can then cook the meatballs in your apartment or hostel.  Note – you will need a stove and/or oven to cook the meatballs and you cannot bring these back to the U.S.!

4 thoughts on “Meatballs For the People – A Delicious Spot In Sodermalm, Stockholm

    • Thanks! You’ll enjoy Stockholm, especially in the summer! I really enjoyed this place and I had some other delicious meals in Stockholm, too! Those reviews will be posted soon!

  1. Hi, just wondering, if you had to choose, which one would you prefer? Meatballs for People or the Stockholm Gastabud’s? Thank you!

    • Hi! I preferred the food at Meatballs for the People because I really loved my food there! However, I just asked my husband and he said Gastabud, lol. I would probably say that I though the good at Meatballs was better but the atmosphere at Gastabud is a bit better.

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