Augustiner Bräu – Salzburg, Austria

We went to Augustiner Bräu on our first night in Sazlburg upon the recommendation of our cab driver.  Augustiner is a large brewery just up from the Altstadt.  The route is very easily walkable and took about 15 minutes from the Altstadt.


Augustiner serves half or full liter steins of their own brew.  To get a beer, you purchase a token from the cashier at the front, grab a stein, rinse it in the water and hand your token and stein to the man pouring the beer.  After collecting your beer, the brewery opens up into a beer hall with numerous stalls selling various types of food.  As with most beer halls, you take a seat wherever you please.  There were a lot of university students there.  Very Hogwartsesque.

We tried food from a few of the stands, but nothing really blew me away.  The stalls served inexpensive local fare, including schnitzel, fish, and pork.  However, you can also bring in our own food!  I wish I had known this, as we passed a pizza place on the way that smelled amazing…

In addition to the indoor beer hall, there is an outdoor beer garden.



Augustiner Bräu

A-5020 Salzburg Lindhofstr. 7

T: +43-662-431246

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