Money Changing in Argentina: The “Unofficial” Blue Rate

If you are thinking of traveling to Argentina, you should research the status of their currency, the Argentine Peso, and the Blue Rate.

What is the Blue Rate you may ask?  It is the black market value of the Argentine Peso.  The Argentine government artificially sets their currency.  This results in an official exchange rate of $1 US to 8-9 Argentine Pesos.  This is the rate you will get using credit card, withdrawing from the ATM and at places run or monitored by the national government.

However, this rate does not reflect the true value of the Argentine Peso. There is a “black market” rate, the Blue Rate, which is currently about $1 US to 12.5 Argentine Pesos.  This is a huge difference. When exchanging $100 US, the difference is enough to pay for dinner and a bottle of wine at a mid-range restaurant.  Definitely makes your money go further and decreases the cost of the trip significantly.

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