Botoka Gorge & the Look Out Café: The BEST Views Around Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Unexpectedly, one of my favorite memories of Victoria Falls is my stop at the Lookout Cafe to see the Botoka Gorge!  The Botoka Gorge is a sizeable gorge just beyond Victoria Falls, and it is absolutely stunning!  We were so lucky to have stumbled across the Lookout Café!


The Lookout Cafe is a small outpost/bar right of the walking path between the Victoria Falls Hotel and Victoria Falls.  This walkway is open to the public and there are signs for the Lookout Cafe halfway down the path.  Dan and I decided to stop on a whim, thinking that it would just be a fun place to grab a drink!  Wrong!  But it was a fun place to grab a drink!


We walked down the path and found a bungalow…upon entering the bungalow, a large, outdoor deck overlooking the Botoka Gorge opened up!  WHAT A VIEW (above and cover photo)!  The cafe is about 120 meters above the gorge.  We decided to stay for a drink and bar snack, which were very inexpensive.  Note – you cannot see the Falls from the Lookout Café.


While people were eating proper meals, only meals are served to tour groups who pre-book.  It appears that Wild Horizons (surprise surprise, they are everywhere!) manages the Lookout Cafe and brings a lot of tour groups in for lunch.

The Lookout Cafe also offers crazy adventure activities, such as zip lining and a gorge swing!

If you are visiting Victoria Falls, you must stop here!!

Steal Our Trip

The LookOut Café – the website offers a great map and other information!  Without consulting the map, when you exit Victoria Falls park there are a series of stalls across the street selling handicrafts and raincoats.  The entrance to the trail is right behind these stalls.  There should be a sign directing you toward the Victoria Falls Hotel, and there is often a Victoria Falls Hotel guide waiting to walk guests to and from the park.  About a 5 minute walk down the path, you will see a sign directing you to turn left toward the Lookout Café.  The Café is just a minute or two walk down this path.

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