Amsterdam in August

Dan and I took a last minute trip (read: we bought the tickets exactly one week before we left) to Amsterdam in August due to new jobs!!  Since it was so last minute, we did not plan much and ended up just relaxing around the city.  That was not a problem, as Amsterdam is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe, and I think it often gets short shifted for some of its more shady ongoings.  To dispel that notion, I am treating you to some of my favorite pictures of Amsterdam!

First up: the canals!

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Next: the buildings!

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View from the café hear our hotel in the Museum District


Even the train station is gorgeous!




Opera house

Finally, gorgeous flowers everywhere!

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What did we do in Amsterdam besides take pictures?  We visited the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museums, walked around the Joordan district, took a food tour with Hungry Birds Food Tours, visited Vondelpark, tried Indonesian and Suirname food and took a day trip to Gouda for their cheese market!  Separate posts to follow, but I really wanted to share these pictures!

Don’t these make you want to go to Amsterdam right now?

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  1. Don’t these (pics) make you want to go to Amsterdam right now?

    Yes it does! Can’t wait to make it back to Amsterdam very soon but until then your photo’s make the wait much easier.

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