Stockholm Gastabud: A Good Choice In Gamla Stan

Sweden is quite expensive – much more so than countries in western Europe.  Restaurants are no exception, so Dan and I were constantly on the hunt for reasonably priced, quality food.

Gamla Stan is the old part of Stockholm, and the most popular with tourists, for good reason.  Its filled with old buildings, quaint bars and coffee houses and the majority of the city’s main tourist attractions.  As a result, finding a reasonably priced, quality restaurant in Gamla Stan was even more of a challenge.  We were lucky enough to find just such a place in Gamla Stan, right on a main thoroughfare, just below the castle: Stockholm Gastabud.


Gastabud is a tiny, pub-style restaurant with only a few tables and a small bar.  Since it was winter, we were able to walk right in on a Saturday and find seats right away.  I imagine it gets more packed in the warmer months.

The restaurant has a small menu and a decent drink list.  Since this was our first proper meal in Stockholm, I ordered the Swedish meatballs.  They were absolutely delicious and so filling!  The plate came with three meatballs, gravy, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles.


Dan opted for the seasonal meat platter (actually an appetizer).  It came with wild boar salami, smoked reindeer heart and smoked elk.  He really liked it.  I only had enough nerve to try the wild boar salami, which was pretty tame.


For dessert we split an apple crumble treat and a local Wisby Stout.  The vanilla sauce with the apple crumble was lovely and the stout was delicious, very much like Guinness with a hint of chocolate.

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All in all an enjoyable dinner!  We liked it so much that we went back a second day for Glogg (hot red wine)!

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Österlånggatan 7 111 31 Stockholm

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