Lounge Review: Delta Sky Club, Terminal 4, JFK

I used Delta’s Sky Club Lounge in Terminal 4 of JFK when I was flying Delta on a short flight to Québec City.  I got in by combining my Delta boarding pass with my American Express Platinum card.  The Sky Club was huge, rather crowded and had some pretty interesting features, including its unique roof top deck!  It was one of the nicer lounges that I have visited, and I will definitely return if I have complimentary access again.

Delta has two Sky Clubs at JFK, in Terminal 2 and Terminal 4.  I visited the Sky Club in Terminal 4, which  somewhat recently received a complete overhaul.  The Terminal 4 Sky Club is located post security in Concourse B near Gate 31.  Its location is convenient if you are flying out of Concourse B, but a bit of a haul if you are flying out of Concourse A.  The entrance is clearly marked and opens to a flight of stairs, with check-in at the top of the stairs.

When I was there the check-in line was a little backed up, but a Delta representative was passing out a small tequila cocktail and snacks (brownies and a spring roll thing) to those waiting.  After check in, we set out to find a place to set up shop and wait for our flight.  The centerpiece of the lounge is a large room containing the bar, the food spread and lots of individual chairs and small tables.


A second, somewhat quieter room (but not much) borders the main room.  This room has more comfortable chairs and lots of outlets.


The complimentary food spread was located in the main room just next to the bar.  The spread was generous for a lounge and included a buffet of hot and cold food.  You could really make a meal of its offerings.  Since it was Thanksgiving when I visited, there was a lot of Thanksgiving themed food, including sweet potatoes and green beans.  In addition to the hot food, there were the standard fruit, bread and cereal.  One of the best food spreads I have seen.



The bar is just next to the food spread and looked pretty fun.  Standard drinks, including  soda, domestic beer (nothing craft), standard cocktails and select wines are complimentary and “upscale” beverages were available for an extra fee.  For example, I had a Guinness for a $3 surcharge.  Waiters walk the lounge and take orders, so you do not have to go to the bar to place your order.


Complimentary coffee, water and tea is set up at various stations around the lounge.



In addition to the complimentary food and drinks, the Sky Club also offers a premier menu at an extra cost.  We took advantage of this and ordered a ruben and a cuban sandwich.  They were better than what i would expect from an airport restaurant, but you are probably better off with the complimentary offerings.



Here is a picture of one page of the premier wine menu for cost purposes.  Note – purchases here are not reimbursable under American Express Platinum airline fee program (we tried and failed).


The Sky Club also has a business area with computers and printers, a relaxation room with large screen TV and showers.



AND, my favorite feature of all, the roof top deck!  Yes, an outdoor area/bar with runway views.  It was open in the winter, but it was quite cold and I was the only one using it.  The runway views are outstanding, and I would love to spend some time here in good weather!  To access, follow the signs.  Entrance is to the left of the food spread.




Delta Sky Club JFK – Terminal 4, Concourse B near Gate 31.  Open 5:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. daily except Thursday, when it closes 15 minutes earlier at 11:45 p.m.  Wifi, power outlets, food, booze and showers.  Complimentary entry with Delta Sky Club Executive or Individual membership, Delta One or Delta Sky Team Premium Cabin passenger, transcontinental first class passenger, Delta Reserve credit card holder, Sky Team Elite Plus (Delta Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion), any Delta ticket combined with the American Express Platinum card or you can buy a single entry pass for a whopping $59.00.

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