The Inaugural Prost!

Hello!  Welcome to wareontheglobe – my long-talked-about-just-finally-launched blog about all things travel, food, drink and general fabulousness!

I am a lawyer by day and travel enthusiast by night.  I almost always travel with my boyfriend, Dan – the self-proclaimed beer, wine and cheese guy – and he will be adding his input along the way.  Wareontheglobe came about after many friends asked for advice on how we plan our trips.  Wareontheglobe reviews our trips and provide advice on crafting your own itinerary!

My first posts revisit EuroTrip2014 – a trip to Germany, Oktoberfest and Austria with Dan, his brother, Craig, and our friend Pryor, a frequent wareontheglobe traveler, and our recent trip to Richmond, Virginia!  Hopefully these posts inspire you to read my blog and travel, especially to Richmond, Germany and Austria!

In the next few months, Dan and I will be traveling to Daytona Beach, Florida, USA (for his Nonni’s 90th Birthday!!), Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Iguazú Falls, Argentina, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA and  Stockholm, Sweden.  Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting!

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!  Prost!

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