A Cheesy Visit to Gouda, Netherlands!

Yes, I know the title is ridiculous.  I just couldn’t resist.

Gouda (pronounced “how-da”), Netherlands is a small, canal town in South Holland, a little less than an hour’s train ride from Amsterdam.  Gouda is most famous for its namesake cheese and its famous Thursday market celebrating said cheese – the Kaasstad!  In addition, Gouda has a well-preserved 15th century town hall (the Stadhuys), beautiful canals running throughout the city and a compact center.  I visited Gouda as a day trip from Amsterdam and highly recommend it!  Here are some pictures of the charming town:

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Pubologi Restaurant – Tasting Menu & Beer Pairing in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

I LOVE tasting menus.  I love the idea of multiple course dinners.  I love to try dishes that I wouldn’t normally order.  And I love when the restaurant pairs the menu with drinks!  Not surprisingly, Stockholm has a lot of restaurants offering tasting menus, some costing as much as $1,000 US a person (!).

I decided to find one more reasonable for my trip (and have Dan take me there for my birthday dinner! ). Doing some research, I came across the winner – Pubologi!  Pubologi is a hip gastropub right in Gamla Stan.  Pubologi offers 5 or 7 course tasting menus of “modern nordic food” (plus complementary amuse bouche and tasting treats post dinner) and it pairs the food with either beer or wine.  Sold!  We made reservations online before we left (recommended).  The cost of the 5 course tasting menu was 550 Swedish Crown and the beer pairing (beers from the Pang Pang Brewery) was an additional 355 Swedish Crown when we were there.

For our meals, we both went with the 5 course tasting menu.  That was a good choice.  The portions were LARGE for a tasting menu.  There is no way that I could have finished the 7.  For my drink pairing, I opted for the beer pairing!  Dan went with the wine.  Both were good and a substantial amount of alcohol.

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Stockholm Gastabud: A Good Choice In Gamla Stan

Sweden is quite expensive – much more so than countries in western Europe.  Restaurants are no exception, so Dan and I were constantly on the hunt for reasonably priced, quality food.

Gamla Stan is the old part of Stockholm, and the most popular with tourists, for good reason.  Its filled with old buildings, quaint bars and coffee houses and the majority of the city’s main tourist attractions.  As a result, finding a reasonably priced, quality restaurant in Gamla Stan was even more of a challenge.  We were lucky enough to find just such a place in Gamla Stan, right on a main thoroughfare, just below the castle: Stockholm Gastabud.

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