All You Need To Know About Visiting Dogfish Head Brewery!

After a long break and a visit to Colombia, I am back with all you need to know about visiting the Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!  A visit to Dogfish Head in Rehoboth is fun for both the beer geek and those who are not crazy about beer.  It makes for a great weekend getaway from the mid-Atlantic region!

Dogfish Head Brewery, or Dogfish for short, is a pretty famous American craft brewery located in coastal Delaware.  It’s really fun to visit for a long weekend and, not surprisingly, draws lots of visitors each year.  While super fun, visiting can be a little confusing due to the differing locations of the Brewpub, the Brewery and the Inn.  To aid in planning your getaway, here is some essential information that you should be aware of before visiting.  First off, there are three main stops on your Dogfish tour: (1) the Brewpub; (2) the Brewery; and (3) the Inn (can only be visited if you stay there).  They are each about 20 minutes away from each other and I would rank visiting them in that order.

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