Boozing in San Francisco

Like deciding where to eat in San Francisco, deciding where to drink is also a tough one!  Here are some of Dan and my favorites!  Cellarmaker and Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar were particularly enjoyable!

Cellarmaker Brewing Company – My favorite of our drinking stops! Cellarmaker is a small brewery (no bottles/cans) in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco that specializes in small batch, speciality brews.  The Tenderloin area, which has just the most awesome name, is not the safest part of San Francisco, but the brewery was not in a bad area. Cellarmaker consists of a small tasting room with a large TV showcasing the seasonal sporting event – in our case baseball! They do not serve food, just pints and growlers of beer.  When we visited, Cellarmaker served a number of strong, interesting beers, many of which took advantage of West Coast hops. We loved Cellarmaker and would recommend it to anyone in the San Francisco area who enjoys beer!  Here are some pictures:

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This Foodie’s Guide to San Francisco

So, where to eat in San Francisco, such a loaded question!  There are SO MANY delicious, local, wonderful places to eat in San Francisco!  Deciding where and what to eat were the hardest decisions we had to make in San Francisco!  Here are our picks, in no particular order!  Hope you enjoy them!

Swan Oyster Depot – Swan Oyster Depot, of Anthony Bourdain fame, is a seafood and oyster bar located in the Nob Hill are of San Francisco.  Swan Oyster Depot has been around for practically a century and is highly regarded by locals and tourists.  The restaurant is tiny, with only about 20 bar seats and no ability to make reservations – you simply line up outside and wait!  We went a little before 11:00 a.m. on a weekday and waited just under an hour.  I’ve heard it only gets longer as the day goes on…  Once we got in, we lunched on the freshest seafood, including crab back, seafood chowder, oysters and Anchor Steam beer!  Some notes: (1) while casual, Swan Oyster Depot is not cheap; (2) there is really nothing to eat except seafood; and (3) payment is cash only.

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