Swine Food Boutique Restaurant & Wine Bar, Bologna, Italy

Swine Food Boutique Restaurant & Wine Bar is located in the center of Bologna, about a five minute walk from Piazza Maggiore (the main square), along a string of several restaurants under Bologna’s famous porticos!  Dan and I passed this place on our walk from Bologna Centrale train station to our hotel and both decided that we had to return for lunch!  Now that says one thing: they have a good facade up to draw in a crowd!  And they do – complete with a large “SWINE FOOD” sign, ample outdoor seating and wine barrels!  I mean, it was like built for us (and anyone who likes wine and pork)!  In fact, it is so done-up, that it attracted the likes of the New York Times in their famous 36 hours series (here).  However, while the facade is very “done-up,” the food was very good and it was filled with locals when we ate there.

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