Allosteria Ristorante, Lucca, Italy – A Modern Take On Traditional Italian Fare

Many restaurants in Lucca serve classic Tuscan fare, and Lucca is a great town for finding these traditional dishes.  However, for those who have been to Italy a number of times or are just not feeling the traditional fare, Allosteria is a fun find that offers a modern take on such fare, which is not the easiest thing to find in small-town Italy!  Allosteria is located in the center of Lucca very close to the Guinigi Tower.  The restaurant itself consist of a small inside and an outdoor seating area just around the corner from the main entrance.  We dined outdoors and really enjoyed it.  Since the outdoor area is often closed in the Winter, and this restaurant is popular on TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc., I recommend calling a day or two ahead to make a reservation.

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