Cinque Terre Trail Bar Crawl: Hiking, Eating and Drinking Your Way Through The Five Towns

Sentiero Azzurro, Trail # 2 or, most commonly, the Cinque Trail trail!  An iconic hike through the five Cinque Terre towns, Trail # 2 is the most popular of many trails through the Cinque Terre area. While the trail is fun on its own, it is extra fun to spice it up with food and drink stops in each town!  Here are my suggestions for hiking, eating and drinking your way through the five lands!

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Cinque Terre: Italy’s Charming And Colorful Destination

I went back to Cinque Terre for my third time over the summer, and it was just as magical as I had remembered.  If you haven’t been, you should plan to go soon!  Cinque Terre is a series of five seaside villages on the Ligurian Riveria – a coastal part of Italy a bit south of Genoa and four hours north of Rome (by train).  Popular with backpackers for decades, Cinque Terrre was thrust into the spotlight in Rick Steves’ guidebooks and recently received unwanted attention due to massive and debilitating flooding and mudslides in 2011.  Luckily, Cinque Terre has mostly recovered and is back to its beautiful old self:

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