A Food & History Tour Through Bolzano (Bozen), Italy!

When Dan and I were recently in Bolzano, we obviously took a food tour (because we do that everywhere we go!). This food tour was slightly different, in that it mixed history, of which Bolzano has a lot, sightseeing and, of course, food! We enjoyed this, as we had really not had a proper chance to explore Bolzano prior to the tour.

Beautiful Bolzano!

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Three Days Around Bolzano: An Alpine City In Northern Italy!

Dan and I kicked off our 2023 Oktoberfest Eurotrip with a four day stay in Bolzano, Italy. Bolzano, or “Bozen” in German, is the capital of the Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige and the third largest city in the Alps.   I had been wanting to visit this area forever, and its only a four hour train ride from Munich, so we made it our first stop on the trip! This article details what we did with our limited time in Bolzano.

A lovely welcome to Bolzano – our hotel was right next to this little tunnel.

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