Is The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá Worth A Visit?

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is an underground catholic church built 200 meters underground, inside a working salt mine.  The salt mine is located deep in a Halite mountain just outside the small town of Zipaquirá, which warrants a quick walk/drive through for pictures or lunch after visiting the Salt Cathedral.  Zipaquirá is located about a 30 minute drive from Bogotá, give or take 10 minutes depending on traffic (which can be horrendous).  We visited as part of private tour of Bogotá, but you can easily visit on your own.

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What To Do In Bogota, Colombia!

Bogotá, Colombia.  The city doesn’t exactly evoke the excitement of other South American capitals, such as Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo or Santiago.  In contrast, and unfortunately, most people associate Bogotá with the drug trade that plagued Colombia for years and imagine the city to be terribly dangerous.  I visited Bogotá in February 2016 and I can tell you without hesitation that Bogotá is no longer an “unvisitable” city.  In fact, quite the opposite. I had a great time in Bogotá and found it safer than other large South American cities that I have visited, including Buenos Aires, Lima and Rio.  PUT IT ON YOUR TRAVEL LIST!  Plus, visiting Bogotá can be an easy add-on to a South American itinerary, as it has many direct connections to the U.S. and throughout South America.


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