Cinque Terre from the Water: Fish & Chill Boat Tour

While hiking the Cinque Terre is iconic, in many opinions, the best way to see the Cinque Terre is from the water.  I had heard this many times before this trip, but had never actually seen the towns from the water.  So this trip, I decided it was a must!  And I was absolutely right…


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Cinque Terre Wine Tasting: Buranco Vineyards, Monterosso

The Cinque Terre makes interesting (and relatively unknown) wine that has its own DOC (meaning that to be Cinque Terre wine, it must be made in the area with grapes from the area).  Popular and super cheap at local restaurants, Cinque Terre’s white wine is much lighter than your standard whites.  It’s quite good, and readily available in and around the Cinque Terre, but hard to find elsewhere.

Since I love visiting wineries, I really wanted to visit a winery that produces Cinque Terre’s famous white wine, but I had a difficult time finding a vineyard that offers tours to the public.  Seriously, I looked for a good while.  Now, you can freely walk through vineyards on the Cinque Terre trails, but I wanted to visit an actual, working vineyard…


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